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The beloved TV series McLeod’s Daughters ran for eight seasons from 2001 through to 2009.

During those years, the McLeod sisters Tess (Bridie Carter) and Claire (Lisa Chappell) of Drover’s Run shared many highs and some heart-breaking lows.

Now that the McLeod’s Daughters reboot movie is officially happening, we reflect on some of the biggest moments over the years with commentary from actress Lisa Chappell.

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The Premiere (S1): Following the death of their father, Tess (Bridie Carter) returned to Drovers Run after a 20-year absence and was reunited with her sister, Claire (Lisa Chappell).

“Those two young women met and clashed,” Lisa says. “We knew it was going to be a bumpy ride for them, but a fun one.”

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McLeod’s Daughters Episode one

Tess falls into the silo (S3): Tess found herself in serious danger when she slipped and fell into a silo. She soon began to sink and drown in the wheat. Luckily, Nick came to her rescue just in time.

“That was a scary shoot,” Lisa recalls. “But, Bridie was so brave and worked so hard in that episode.”

Charlotte’s birth (S3): Claire went into labour while doing her farm chores, and gave birth to baby Charlotte in a shed.

“This was the hardest shoot ever,” Lisa says. “It took two days and I pushed so hard with the bearing down, I burst blood vessels!”

Claire’s death (S3): A car accident resulted in Claire’s ute teetering on the edge of a cliff. Tess and baby Charlotte escaped. But, Claire was trapped and crashed to the ground, dying on impact.

“That was so sad,” Lisa says. “I knew I was saying goodbye to a wonderful family of people I had worked with, and I was also saying goodbye to Claire.”

Tess and Nick’s Wedding (S4): The McLeod and Ryan clans were finally united when Tess walked down the aisle to marry Nick (Myles Pollard), the man of her dreams. Even the arrival of his monstrous mother could not ruin the special day.

Nick Is Alive! (S6): Nick was thought to have perished in a plane crash. But, months later he turned up very much alive. He had been unconscious in a hospital all along. He then returned to Argentina, taking Tess with him.

Jodi in danger (S4 & S7): From being kidnapped by cattle thieves to being pursued by dangerous hitmen, Jodi’s (Rachael Carpani) life was never dull. When her car exploded, everyone thought she was dead. But, Jodi was actually alive and in witness protection with her boyfriend Matt.

Alex and Stevie’s Wedding (S7): This relationship had plenty of ups and downs. Even on their wedding day, Alex (Aaron Jeffery) found himself in prison. Stevie (Simmone Jade Mackinnon) took charge of the chaos and made sure her groom made it to the ceremony.

Alex’s Death (S8): Alex died when he was crushed by a large tree branch that fell on him after strong winds. A shocked Stevie, who was heavily pregnant, gave birth shortly after his death. She named their newborn son Alexander in honour of the father he would never meet.

The Finale (S8): Stevie waged a valiant battle to save a financially strapped Drovers Run. Later, a collection of family and friends returned to the farm to celebrate Alexander’s first birthday, as fans sadly bid farewell to the saga of McLeod’s Daughters.

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