List of 61st TV WEEK Logie Awards In Memoriam tribute honourees

A tribute to those we have lost
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The In Memoriam segment at the TV WEEK Logie Awards pays tribute to friends and colleagues in the television industry who have passed away over the past 12 months.

At the 2019 TV WEEK Logie Awards overnight, the In Memoriam segment honoured Australian television stars including veteran television journalist Mike Willesee and presenter Bill Collins, who was inducted into the TV WEEK Hall of Fame in 2009.

See the full list of actors, production talent and other industry friends and colleagues we honoured during the ceremony.

  • Jimmy Hannan, entertainer

  • Penny Cook, actress

  • Mike Williamson, broadcaster

  • Judy McBurney, actress

  • Michael Audcent, executive

  • Valerie Nelson, stylist

  • Shane Senior, executive

  • Carol Burke, presenter

  • Jim Murphy, presenter

  • Ian Johnson, executive

  • Jackie Martin, supervising post producer

  • Andrew Prowse, director

  • Paula Zorgdrager, editor

  • Sam Chisholm, executive

  • Ron Casey, broadcaster

  • Carmen Duncan, actress

  • Quentin Kenihan, writer-producer

  • Peter Ross, presenter

  • Eleanor Witcombe, writer

  • Damian Hill, actor

  • Paul Blackwell, actor

  • Mick Turski, camera

  • Melissa Attard, graphics supervisor

  • Chris Eichler, audio

  • Darius Perkins, actor

  • John Bluthal, actor

  • Ian Jones, writer-director

  • John Proper, producer

  • Harry M. Miller, producer – talent manager

  • Ross Crabtree, camera

  • Jerry Thomas, actor

  • Josh Murphy, news reporter

  • Rod Myers, staging

  • Roland Sampson, camera

  • Tony Featherstone, announcer

  • David Johnston, broadcast operations

  • Barry Spicer, news reader

  • Billy J. Smith, broadcaster

  • Annalise Braakensiek, actress

  • Bill Collins, presenter

  • Mike Willesee, journalist – presenter

  • Geoff Harvey, entertainer – musical director

  • Ricky Edwards, composer

  • David Stevens, writer – director

  • Adam Crawford, site supervisor

  • Axel Axelrad, pupper maker

  • Henion Han, editor

  • Neil McDonald, film historian

  • Jimmy Parkinson, presenter

  • Scott Allan, lighting designer

  • Noel Perry, telecine

  • Bob Windscheid, master control operator

  • Mary McMahon, operations

  • Julie Harvey, admin

  • Mike McAuliffe, operations

  • Trish McAuliffe, stylist

  • Ian Linton, lighting director

  • Bob Gigney, director

  • Bryan Marshall, actor

  • Bon Maguire, actor

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