Jade & Nikko’s dream wedding

jade and nikko wedding

In the days leading up to their dream island wedding, it seemed like all the odds were against The Farmer Wants a Wife couple Nikko Lord and Jade Truman. A cyclone was blowing down the Queensland coast right over North Stradbroke Island, where the duo were set to wed in front of 180 guests on January 27.

‘I was very worried, but thankfully the storm blew over – we wouldn’t have even been able to get over there if it had hung around, because they shut down the barge [to the island],’ explains Jade, 28, who spent a lot of her childhood on the island, and took Nikko there for their first proper date away from the cameras.

Thankfully for the loved-up pair – who met on the hit Channel 9 reality show in 2012 – the clouds cleared, and they could enjoy the three-day wedding extravaganza they’d planned. ‘We knew people were travelling along way, so we wanted to make the wedding a bit of a holiday as well,’ says Nikko, 28, who proposed to his Brisbane beauty early last year in a romantic candlelit setting at the home they now share on his remote property, Sutherland Station, which sits 120km out of Richmond in North Queensland.

‘It was the perfect weekend – it was even better than we expected,’ he shares. ‘I think it definitely relieved a bit of the stress that we’re feeling back home going into the third year of drought.’

Another blow came when Nikko’s grandfather passed away a week before the wedding after a long battle with his health, but the cattleman saw it as a ‘blessing’ more than anything else. ‘It would’ve killed him more to be sitting in hospital knowing that there was a big party going on and he was missing it,’ Nikko explains. ‘This was his way of having the best seat in the house.’

Exhausted but still running on a high from their wedding celebrations, Mr and Mrs Lord sit down to share the details of their big day with OK!, including Nikko’s untapped talent as a wedding singer…


Jade: Thank you.

Nikko: I’m a happily married man now!

How is married life treating you?

Jade: It’s good. We’re just recovering now. We’ve headed to Byron Bay to let it all sink in.

Nikko: It’s been non-stop. The celebrations started on the Thursday night, the day before the wedding, and then it was a constant three-day-long party with 180 bushies and Jade’s friends, who all liked to rock up early and leave late.

Did you get any time to yourselves?

Nikko: We knew there were a lot of people making the almost 2000km journey from where we live in Richmond, so we really wanted to spend quality time with everyone and make it more of a holiday for them. A-lot of my family and friends were able to make the trip, but unfortunately we’re drought-stricken out there, so quite a few couldn’t make it.

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