The funniest moments from Have You Been Paying Attention?

'Who cares Tom.'
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Have You Been Paying Attention? is hands-down the best show on television… don’t fight me on it.

Because it’s the funniest show on television™ there are, naturally, plenty of side-splitting highlights to look back on whenever you’re in need of a good giggle.

In case you don’t know, the Network Ten quiz show stars Tom Gleisner as the host and Ed Kavalee and Sam Pang as permanent panellists. Each week, five panellists compete to answer questions about the week’s top news stories.

HYBPA is finally back next week, premiering Monday, May 13 at 8.30pm on Network 10.

However, making the funniest joke tends to take priority over actually giving the correct answer. Guests such as Urzila Carlson, Kitty Flannigan, Marty Sheargold and Celia Pacquola regularly have us cracking up on the couch.

Click through to re-live some of the funniest moments from Have You Been Paying Attention?

When Marty Sheargold gave this 100% accurate answer.

When Sam Pang delivered this scorcher.

Grant leaving CH 10

When Fifi Box took this dig at Grant Denyer.

When Celia Pacquola nailed it with this answer.

When Marty managed to keep a straight face through this deadpan.

When Dave Hughes was dead-accurate.

When Urzila Carlson said this about her co-panellist.

When Marty shared his true feelings for Hawaii Five-0.

When Kitty Flannigan made this comment to The Bachelorette star Stu Laundy.

Ed Canberra

When Ed Kavalee took an easy jab at Canberra.

canberra x 2

… and again.

When Sam dropped this clever comment.

Graves joke

When Anne Edmonds had a way with words.

amanda keller girl band joke

When Amanda Keller gave the most-likely answer to Tom’s spice question.

When Ed made this jaw-dropping Bachelorette joke.

When Kitty let her hands do the talking.

When Dilruk Jayasinha took a swipe at Ed’s advertising prowess.

When Sam said this to Tom.

When Kitty came up with a new name for Network Seven’s Yummy Mummies.

When Ed took a dig at Tom’s age.

When Sam came up with a new idea for Antiques Roadshow.

When Celia had this reaction to Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian’s meeting.

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