The best shows of 2022 that you might have missed!

There's no better time to binge watch these faces, which are all available to stream now.
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Mystery Road: Origin (ABC iView)

Mark Coles Smith ably steps into the role of Jay Swan, playing a younger version of the detective as he returns to his home in outback town Jardine.

Set in 1999, this prequel depicts an earlier part of Jay’s life than previously seen, starring Aaron Pedersen as the on-the-rise cop who contends with both career obstacles and personal dilemmas.

Despite the shift in focus, the crime drama retains its grit and intensity.

Inventing Anna (Netflix)

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There’s a reason why Julia Garner is one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed young actresses, with Emmy nominations for two different shows this year. When she takes on a role, she goes all in. And while she didn’t receive the award for this limited series – she won for Ozark in a different category – her portrayal of high-stakes con artist Anna Sorokin was another tour de force.

Based on real events, this nine-parter shows how the fake heiress defrauded hundreds of thousands of dollars out of banks, hotels and New York’s elite.

The White Lotus (Binge/Foxtel)

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The first season was one of the most buzzed about series of 2021, with its mix of cutting social commentary and dark satire, and the second is generating the same kind of attention.

This time, the action has moved from Hawaii to Sicily, with events still playing out at a White Lotus hotel.

Season one standouts Jennifer Coolidge and Jon Gries return as the now-married Tanya and Greg, who once again find their vacation spot connected to an untimely death.

The Staircase (Binge/Foxtel)

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It’s a case that’s captivated the world for two decades – the 2001 death of Kathleen Peterson, whose body was found at the bottom of a flight of stairs in the family home.

Previously the subject of true crime docuseries, this dramatic retelling of the story stars Toni Collette as Kathleen and Colin Firth as her husband, Michael.

He was accused of murdering her, leading to a protracted and messy court case that rocked the world.

Summer Love (ABC iView)

One holiday house, eight different stories. This anthology series centres on an idyllic getaway on the Great Ocean Road, with each episode featuring a fresh bunch of characters and perspectives.

Thanks to the fact that a variety of writers and actors were involved, Summer Love can feel like a completely different show from episode to episode, although the overarching premise of life playing out on vacation pulls it all together neatly.

The Dropot (Disney+)

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Just as quickly as self-made billionaire Elizabeth Holmes (Amanda Seyfried, in an Emmy-winning performance) rocketed to fame and fortune, her life took a dramatic tumble.

She was accused of fraud relating to her biotechnology company, Theranos, which promised to change the way blood tests were performed.

This eight-part miniseries tells Elizabeth’s real-life story from childhood to legal woes, exploring what motivated her to risk everything for a lie.

Bad Sisters (Apple TV+)

John Paul Williams (Claes Bang) was a man so horrible that all four of his wife’s sisters wanted him dead. But did one or more of them murder the bullying, lying, manipulative piece of work?

That’s the mystery that plays out in this outstanding dark comedy based on a Flemish series called Clan.

Catastrophe’s Sharon Horgan, who co-developed, co-wrote and executive produced the series, brings her trademark wit and cynicism to the role of eldest sister Eva Garvey.

You will binge-watch to the end.

The Twelve (Binge/Foxtel)

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While the murder case at the heart of this series will leave you guessing until the very end, it is the storylines surrounding the jury members that are the most gripping in this Aussie drama.

From the mother-of-three (Brooke Satchwell) whose husband has a sinister hold over her to the complicated relationship that develops between two jurors, there’s plenty going on in and out of court.

Sam Neill leads an all-star cast.

House of the Dragon (Binge/Foxtel)

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The anticipated prequel to one of TV’s biggest shows of all time didn’t disappoint in terms of betrayal, bloodshed and dragons.

The Targaryen dynasty – the family to which Game Of Thrones’ Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) belonged – has proved to be a hotbed of in-fighting.

Unlike GOT, however, the storyline rocketed along, with the continual recasting of characters the only gripe in the lavish production.

Heartbreak High (Netflix)

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This new version is everything a reboot should be – there are enough links back to the ’90s teen drama, including a couple of familiar faces popping up, but the new Heartbreak High is very much its own show.

A talented young cast of mostly unknown actors bring their vibrant characters to life in a story that is hilarious, ground-breaking and disturbing.

The best bit – it all feels completely authentic, with the high school experience still as gut-wrenching as ever.

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