A rare look at Kim Kardashian playing with North West backstage at Kanye’s show

North West turns her daddy's fashion show into her personal playground!
Kim Kardashian North

North West turns her daddy’s fashion show into her personal playground!

It may have been Kanye West’s fashion show for Adidas, but the real star of his New York Fashion Week show was definitely his daughter, North West.

The adorable tot, now a seasoned fashion show attendee , may have been rubbing shoulders with new besties Beyoncé and Anna Wintour in the front row, but it was backstage where she was having all the fun!

Cheeky little North, who is known to be a little bit mischievous (who can forget the time she flushed her dad’s phone down the toilet!?), decided that it was time for an adventure!

The mini-fashionista was laughing, running around and more importantly making her mum, Kim Kardashian chase after her and wait on her!

The pictures are a rare glimpse at a much happier North who was spotted having several temper tantrums front row once the show got started.

Click through and see the super CUTE snaps of North West as she turned her daddy’s fashion show into her personal playground!

North West may have been sitting in the front row of her dad, Kanye’s fashion show with mum Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Anna Wintour- but the little tot saw that there was an opportunity to have some fun!

North decides to go for a little walk, with her mum following on from behind.

Oh! It looks like North has spotted something!

“Mum, some help please!”

“Come on Mum! Let’s go!”

North gives her mum a helping hand!

Anna Wintour and Kim watch on as North hurries to find something!

“Oh, there’s nothing here!”

Kim tries to pick up North.

North decides Kim is going to have to catch her!

Kim Kardashian won that round!

The little cutie improvised as she went for a game of hide ‘n’ seek behind Kim’s legs.

“Found you!” North enjoys some mum and daughter time.

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