A Look Back On The Most Explosive TV Reveals

There’s nothing that keeps us on our toes more than a bombshell secret being unleashed within our favourite shows.

Whether it’s the shocking reveal of what happened to Jackie on Yellowjackets or the fate of twisted baby kidnapper Aggie on The Secrets She Keeps, the following moments had us shrieking out loud with their truly dark twists.

We’ve rounded up our favourite secrets and reveals…

The Secret She Keeps — Aggie’s big secret

The Secrets She Keeps – a psychological thriller with bone-chilling twists

While The Secrets She Keeps’ first season was chock-a-block with unexpected twists and turns that had us bingeing the entire season in one sitting, the season finale took the cake in unveiling one hell of a secret.

In an explosive moment that had us gasping out our screens, baby kidnapper Agatha flees Sydney with baby Ben (or Rory), before it’s revealed that she’s cultivated some sort of twisted baby graveyard — clearly a result of her previous baby kidnapping attempts.

While it’s not revealed whose babies the makeshift shrines are for — there’s no doubt that season two is set to explore even more majorly dark secrets each character is hiding — and we can’t wait.

Yellowjackets — What happened to Jackie?

Yellowjackets – starring Melanie Lynskey, Tawny Cypress, Christina Ricci and Juliette Lewis.

After viewers went wild with speculation over the fate of team captain Jackie, the season one finale revealed that after a fight with Shauna, Jackie stormed out of the cabin into the snow and (rather pathetically) tried to conjure up a campfire in the snow while refusing to return to the cabin.

As day breaks, Shauna makes the grim discovery of Jackie’s frozen, lifeless body next to the fire — her stubborn ways leading to the show’s most frustratingly preventable death.

If that wasn’t shocking enough, it looks like season two is where things really start to kick off as the girls are faced with what Jackie’s death now means for them. Hopefully the answer to who exactly was wearing Jackie’s necklace in episode 1 will be revealed.

The Gilded Age — George Russell’s cruel blow

The Gilded Age is an an American historical drama.

In a shocking moment that occurred just three episodes into the first season of the period drama, George Russell delivers a cruel blow to Patrick Morris that later results in unspeakable tragedy.

Faced with financial ruin, Patrick is reduced to begging on his hands and knees as George makes the cold choice to shut down his pleas for mercy.

Broken, Patrick returns home to his wife and children, where he says a goodbye of sorts before going upstairs and taking his life — and casting a dark shadow over The Gilded Age in the process.

Spreadsheets — Show and tell

Spreadsheet – the modern way to tracking dating candidates!

Every parent felt Lauren’s pain when a (hilarious) nightmare unfolded as her youngest discovers a discarded fluoro “balloon” on the car floor and decides it would make a great contribution to the class show and tell.

Cue an uptight principal calling Mum in to discuss the awkward matter, and we could literally feel the second-hand embarrassment for Lauren.

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