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OPINION: If Jackson Garlick doesn’t win The Bachelorette, the women of Australia should revolt

The thirst is real.
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Is it just us, or is this year’s crop of Bachelorette boys actually quite a good collection of decent men?

Aside from the human garbage that was Jess Glasgow and his “wandering fingers” remark, which saw him forced to wander right out of the mansion and into an onslaught of outrage (#neverforget), this year’s cohort have mostly been – surprisingly – quite the gentlemen.

But while Angie Kent appears to be most smitten with the likes of Ciarran Stott, Timm Hanly, Carlin Sterritt and resident “dog guy” Ryan Anderson, there’s one contender who has been completely underrated.

At just 25, Jackson Garlick has often been written off by his love rivals as “too young” for Angie (despite her only being 29) – but he is fast proving to be more mature than some of his older counterparts in the mansion.

Jackson Garlick (pictured) deserves to be a frontrunner.

(Image: Network Ten)

During The Bachelorette’s premiere week, firefighter Jamie Doran, 39, was the personification of a red flag from the get-go, starting with him breaking down in tears over Angie five secs after they first met, and he’s only become more and more intense since then.

Jamie was swiftly one-upped by 37-year-old Jess Glasgow, of course, who was slammed by fans for his “creepy” and “misogynistic” behaviour during an animal-themed photoshoot on a group date.

“Don’t mind me if I get some wandering fingers, alright?” he infamously told her, before pretending to lick her backside during one pose.

WATCH: The Bachelorette’s Angie Kent unleashes at Jess Glasgow for creepy comments. Story continues below…

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Jess Glasgow was booted from the mansion after making creepy comments about Angie

(Image: Network Ten)

Compare this to Jackson, who was tasked with getting up close and personal with Angie while shirtless in a cute snow-themed shoot.

Watching on, Jess left viewers in disgust when he commented, “If that was me, I would’ve laid one on her. Just slip the tongue in.”

Fortunately for Angie, and women more broadly, Jackson proved that men can easily have more respect for a person’s boundaries and avoided going in for a sneaky pash.

For the most part, he also seems to be side-stepping much of the petty drama happening between the boys at every cocktail party.

Angie and Jackson’s penguin winter wonderland shoot was a little bit cute.

(Image: @jacksongarlick/ Instagram)

A guy who likes dogs and gets right into Christmas? Sold!

(Image: @jacksongarlick/ Instagram)

And let’s not forget Angie and Jackson’s first one-on-one date. As they rode in a helicopter, Jackson showed genuine concern when the Gogglebox beauty began to suffer motion sickness.

Unable to find a sick bag for an off-colour Angie, Jackson sweetly offered: “You can spew in my top pocket if you want.”

Later on in the single date, Jackson again proved there’s more to him than being a buff footy player with physique that’s just as chiselled as his jawline (not that we’re complaining).

Opening up about what he’s looking for in a partner, Jackson revealed himself to be a family man at heart and is looking for someone with whom he can emulate the same type of relationship his parents have.

A quick stalk of his Instagram shows this to be the case, with his feed containing snaps featuring Jackson spending quality time with his mum as well as his brothers.

WATCH: A little vomit never hurt anyone! See Angie and Jackson’s helicopter date go horribly wrong. Story continues below…

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Family man: Jackson with his mum Samantha.

(Image: @jacksongarlick/ Instagram)

Big bro Jackson with his siblings.

(Image: @jacksongarlick/ Instagram)

Further smashing stereotypes when it comes to footballers and their intelligence levels, the reality TV star has admitted he loves subverting people’s unfair expectations.

“Being a footballer all of my life, people often expect me to be dumb. I like to surprise people by telling them I study psychology at university,” he says in his official contestant Q&A on Network Ten’s website.

Angie, you know what you have to do!

Not just a footy player! Jackson also studies psychology.

(Image: @jacksongarlick/ Instagram)

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