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Inside the $5 million mansion where The Bachelorette Australia is filmed

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By Rebecca Sullivan
The sprawling mansions where The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are filmed have become just as iconic as some of the Bachie franchise's other defining traits, like Osher's slicked-back hair, the humiliating group dates and the famous "winner's music".
So if you're wondering exactly where this year's season of The Bachelorette is filmed, we've got the answer for you.
The glorious Hamptons-inspired mansion is located in the suburb of Oxford Falls, in Sydney's Northern Beaches, about 20km away from the CBD.
And it's the same location where the two most recent seasons of The Bachelor were also filmed - yep, it's the same house where Matt Agnew found love and Nick Cummins ... didn't.
The previous seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette were filmed in two different locations around Sydney - a Glenorie property in the north west and a stunning Hunters Hill mansion.
An eagle-eye view of this season's Bachelorette mansion in Sydney. Channel 10
The house is the same one used to film The Bachelor this year, too. Channel 10
This season's stunning property is called Nelly's Farm. The gorgeous house has been renovated from a humble fibro shack, into a multi-million dollar property.
Its white and grey features, along with the sprawling green laws and lush pool, make this house look like one of the classic beachfront mansions situated in the Hamptons in upstate New York.
"Hamptons meets provincial meets southern with a dash of nautical," is how the property's owners describe their renovation style on their website.
"It's a style with warmth, heart – and by god it looks good. We call our secret country escape Nelly's Farm, after my grandmother. Every day here feels so special I've decided to share."

How gorgeous is this back patio? Supplied
The pool has been the scene of many a bitching session. Supplied
There are alpacas roaming around the property, too. Supplied
According to real estate agent Adam Rigby from Upside Realty, the property was was bought in 2010 for $2.3 million.
With the recent boom in the Sydney housing market over the past 10 years, Adam estimates the Bachie mansion is now worth about "$5 million, given its uniqueness".
The property's location also makes it an enticing purchase. It's close to the beach, but also a short drive to the CBD and north shore.
Channel 10's set designers love to spruce up the pool and the garden with extra flowers and fairy lights. Channel 10
The backyard is dressed up to the nines with flowers and lights, specifically for filming. Channel 10
As you can see from these photos above, Channel 10's set designers adorn Nelly's Farm with tonnes of flowers and lights during filming to give it that special Bachie touch.
It makes sense that producers would want to choose a lush blank canvas upon which they could work their set-designing magic.
"Every scene is set in the grounds or in the rooms, so the atmosphere becomes very important," Adam told Now To Love.
"This one seems much more rural. There's more lawns and sprawl and beautifully intricate settings and beautiful features. Everything from cocktail rooms to the grotto and the gym, even the fact that they have livestock on the property," he said.
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