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Inside the lavish French country-style mansion where The Bachelorette Australia 2021 is filmed

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The sprawling mansions where The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are filmed have become just as iconic as some of the Bachie franchise’s other defining traits, like Osher’s rose ceremony whisper, the humiliating group dates and the famous “winner’s music”.

But 2021 marked a shift for the franchise, as 10 moved filming from a Hamptons style property in the suburb of Oxford Falls, in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, to a new mansion.

The change was made before Jimmy Nicholson’s season started filming and the crew stayed there for Brooke Blurton’s season of The Bachelorette.

Now, with the premiere of that season just days away, we’re peeking inside the Bachelorette mansion where Brooke is hoping to find love.

The new mansion is located in picturesque Dural, NSW, about 36 kilometres north-west of the Sydney CBD.

Chosen for its luxe French country-style aesthetic, the property is stacked with five bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, an indoor pool, spa, gym and tennis courts… basically, this place is massive.

With expansive grounds and a stunning exterior, the property certainly looks like the perfect place to fall in love.

And it turns out the Bachelor producers aren’t the only people who think so – the same property was used for filming some of the older seasons of Beauty And The Geek!

The luxe new mansion is located in picturesque Dural, NSW.


The furnishings are appropriately lavish.


There will be a bit of a shakeup this year, with men and women heading to the mansion in the hopes of winning Brooke Blurton’s heart.

For privacy reasons, the guys and girls were housed at different mansions during filming, but when they all gathered together and the cameras started rolling iit was at the Le Chateau property

That means there was actually another mansion decked out for The Bachelorette contestants too, though we have yet to see if any glimpses of the second property will make it to our TV screens.

The new mansion will also be a shakeup for Brooke, who stayed at the Oxford Falls mansion during her first appearance on Nick Cummins’ season of The Bachelor in 2018.

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That mansion was used for several seasons, including Nick’s, so why did the Bachie production team relocate to the new Dural property?

“The last mansion had a Hamptons vibe and was one storey, it was great for something different,” the team told The Latch before Jimmy’s season aired.

“This new mansion has more of what our Bachelor family has come to expect, large grounds, lots of rooms, beautiful outdoor spaces and of course a big fountain.”

Sounds romantic! Though, that’s not to say the last mansion was lacking in the romance department.

Set designers have made the most of the grounds at the French country-style mansion.


Inside looks just as spectacular as the exterior.


The glorious Hamptons-inspired mansion previously used was called Nelly’s Farm and had been renovated from a humble fibro shack, into a multi-million dollar property.

“Hamptons meets provincial meets southern with a dash of nautical,” is how the property’s owners described their renovation style on their website.

According to real estate agent Adam Rigby from Upside Realty, the property was bought in 2010 for $2.3 million.

With the recent boom in the Sydney housing market over the past 10 years, Adam estimated in 2019 that the Bachie mansion was worth about “$5 million, given its uniqueness”.

Of course, that figure may have gone up in the tumultuous years since, as the coronavirus pandemic has seen housing prices skyrocket even more.

This house was used to film past seasons of The Bachelor.


As you can see, Channel 10’s set designers adorned Nelly’s Farm with tonnes of flowers and lights during filming to give it that special Bachie touch.

“Every scene is set in the grounds or in the rooms, so the atmosphere becomes very important,” Adam told Now To Love.

Meanwhile, the new Le Chateau mansion was decked out with flowers, plush rugs and expensive furniture for Jimmy’s season – and we expect to see more of that when Brooke’s season airs.

Previous seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette were filmed in two different locations around Sydney – a Glenorie property in the north west and a stunning Hunters Hill mansion.

Way back in 2013 when Tim Robards’ season aired and the show kicked off in Australia, the mansion was located in Bayview on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

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