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EXCLUSIVE: Undercover brother Brad reveals what he was looking for in the Bachelorette mansion

''I found out quickly who my favourites were...''

By Anita Lyons
Angie Kent's season of The Bachelorette is upon us and to say we are excited is an understatement.
In fact, not only are we pumped to see Angie rock the screen with her insanely fun personality, but we're already in for a Bachelor-verse first.
An undercover Bachelor!
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A few weeks ago, it was revealed that Angie's brother will enter the Bachie mansion to "expose the poison apples" and to help her find her one true love.
"I want you to go in there and give me any sort of insight," Angie told undercover brother, Brad Kent, on his arrival.
With this mission in mind, Brad entered the mansion and posed as one of the many Bachelor's vying for her heart - listening out for any intel he could possibly get.
"I agreed to the show because Angie means so much to me," Brad said during a chat with NW.
"And if I could help out in any way to help her make this experience memorable and to find the one, then I definitely would!"
Angie's brother, Brad posed as a Bachelor! (Source: Network Ten)
If the promo is anything to go by, Angie's big bro is about to see a whole lot of stuff he doesn't want to - and when it comes to his sister being referred to as a piece of meat - well...you can imagine!
"I found out quickly who my favourites where," Brad admitted.
"They always brought Angie up and were after her attention. They stuck out easily to me and I could see who was genuine and who was not.
"There were a few dark horses who could grab Angie's attention, but obviously she would have to delve deeper into them in their one-on-one chats!"
WATCH NEXT: Brad Kent enters the mansion. Story continues...
While he didn't have to say much to get the men to open up, they had no trouble giving him something to worry about.
"I was looking out for how the boys spoke about Angie and the experience of being on the show in general," he said.
"Obviously, the ones that spoke about Angie and wanting to spend time with her I knew were there for the right reasons."
In an interview with TV WEEK, Angie admitted that having her brother there on the first night "was the best feeling in the world".
"To have him there on one of the most nerve-wracking nights of my entire life just put me at ease," she explained.
While Brad will seek to uncover what the Bachelors are really like, Angie insists he's not the type of person who will "throw anyone under the bus" or rule out somebody straight away.
"He's such a good judge of character and the nicest dude," she says. "I knew he wouldn't go in there and just be like, 'That guy is a d**khead.' He'd focus on the positives, and that's what I wanted."

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