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The Bachelorette drug scandal that’s rocked the mansion

And Carlin and Ciarran are at the centre of the drama!
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While the Bachelor mansion is no stranger to scandal, none has been as shocking as the producers discovering drugs in one of the boy’s rooms!

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Our source says producers couldn’t believe it when they found vials of melanin, which is injected to give the user a deeper, darker tan.

Although the drug is legal in Australia, producers were quick to confiscate the vials anyway, before learning they belonged to frontrunners Carlin Sterrit and Ciarran Stott!

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Gogglebox feud explodes

She was once a part of the tight-knit Gogglebox family, but since she jumped ship, the “cut-throat” cast have all turned on her!

In a recent episode, the Goggleboxers sat down to watch the first episode of Angie’s The Bachelorette – and her former castmates didn’t hold back.

Di was seen rolling her eyes and scrunching up her face at Angie’s appearance and even went to call her a “bogan” before stopping short. Meanwhile, Anastasia found pleasure in being able to turn the tables on Angie, with her screaming at the television, “Now we’re gonna sh*t-can you.”

Angie sparked some strong reactions from Di (pictured) and Anastasia.

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Bachelors flee the mansion

She wouldn’t be the first Bachelor or Bachelorette to struggle with her suitors, but insiders have revealed to Woman’s Day the final boys had “little to no interest” in Angie.

In fact, the boys were more motivated by fame, and the final five were happy to talk trash about Angie, calling her “vain” and “boring” behind her back.

“One of the contestants even told his family that if he was to make it to home visits, they were to lie and say they loved going pig hunting so Angie, an animal rights activist, would be immediately turned off,” says a source.

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The final boys wanted to leave the house, says an insider.

(Image: Network Ten)

Matt and Jessika secretly dating

He might be an early frontrunner, but Matt Whyatt has been caught kissing Married At First Sight star Jessika Power after a night out in Byron Bay.

While producers are trying to “contain” their relationship as his episodes still air, a source says Matt, 27, is ready to go official.

“He’s besotted with Jess and has even introduced his family to her,” says the insider.

The pair were spotted kissing after spending the day together.

(Image: Facebook)

Could Dr Chris Brown be Angie’s perfect man?

Bachelorette Angie Kent has publicly stated that she has found “true love” while appearing on the hit reality show, but after a press interview recently, many fans are beginning to think that she may have found love outside of the mansion and inside The Living Room!

The 29-year-old got people talking after she made a guest appearance on Ten’s hit lifestyle show, where she reportedly flirted up a storm with hunky vet and host Dr Chris Brown, who is believed to be dating The Loop presenter Liv Phyland.

Viewers noticed the electric chemistry between Angie and Chris when she she made a guest appearance on The Living Room.

(Images: Network Ten)

The chemistry between the pair was electric with viewers taking to social media to coo over their playful banter.

“Please tell me Chris Brown is now single and him and Angie go off and live happily ever after,” one excited fan commented. “They would be so cute together,” another said!

While it remains to be seen if Angie does pick a suitor from the show, there’s no denying she and Chris, 41, could make a cute couple in the future. After all, they work for the same network, have a mutual friend in Yvie Jones and share a deep love for animals!

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