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Di from Gogglebox looks EXACTLY like Susan Sarandon in amazing throwback photographs

The resemblance is uncanny!

By Anita Lyons
If you thought Gogglebox stars Mick and Di were glam now, just wait until you see these AMAZING throwback photos.
Released over the weekend, the photographs show a rare glimpse into the couple's life as newlyweds.
"We know how much you loved seeing photos of Mick & Di throughout the years," a caption read on the show's official Facebook page, "so we decided to show you more!😍"
The caption was accompanied by four glorious pictures of the pair, including never-before-seen from their wedding day - but eagle eye fans were quick to comment on something else.
In another photograph of the couple, who are now in their seventies, Di has her arm draped over her husband's knee as they sit smiling on what appears to be a boat.
Mick is sporting a bare chest with a leather jacket and some rocker curls, while Di (also in a matching red leather jacket) grins at the camera in a pair of iconic sunglasses.
But it's who Di looks like that had fans doing a double take - because when she was young, she looked exactly like a young Susan Sarandon.
Is that Susan Sarandon or Di? (Source: Facebook/Gogglebox)
A young Susan Sarandon has an uncanny resemblance to Di! (Source: Getty Images)
Fans flocked to the post with comments for the "hip" couple, asking if anyone else could see the resemblance.
"Susan Sarandon??? Love the photos xx" one user wrote.
"Di reminds me of Susan Sarandon. Can anyone see it??" another said.
While another wrote: "Fabulous looking couple. Mick was a real spunk and Di looks just like Susan Sarandon."
Other fans were just excited to see the photos.
"Movie star material 😍 gorgeous couple," one wrote.
"What beautiful photos. It looks like you've had quite the life together too," another said.
While another said: "Fabulous, amazing pics . Thanks for sharing Mick and Di x"
Mick and Di are fan favourites on Gogglebox. (Source: Network Ten)
Mick and Di also shared a never-before-seen photo from their wedding day, plus a very relaxed photo of the pair while travelling and then a candid snap during a tea break.
It was truly the best trip down memory lane!
Too gorgeous! A photograph from their wedding day. (Source: Facebook/Gogglebox)
Trendy travellers. (Source: Facebook/Gogglebox)
Caught on candid camera! (Source: Facebook/Gogglebox)
Earlier this year, the fan-favourites revealed some exciting news to their fans in an interview with TV WEEK.
The couple's son, Alex, was getting married, without giving them notice!
"He got married out of the blue," Di, 73, told TV WEEK. "He's on a student visa – there were complications marrying an American. It was like, 'OK, it's in two weeks.' So we went, 'All right,' and we were there."
Di says it was a nice surprise when Alex, who's just turned 41, broke the exciting news.
"I thought we were going to have him forever," she laughed.