The Bachelorette Australia

Say it ain’t so! Looks like Ciarran walks out on The Bachelorette

Inside the shock exit that leaves Angie Kent in pieces...

By Tina Burke
He's the cheeky Brit who captured the nation's hearts, but he may be about to break them if he walks out of The Bachelorette Australia.
Everyone's favourite 'sexual Willy Wonka' Ciarran Stott looks like he may leave the mansion next week, despite being a firm frontrunner.
Not only did Ciarran become a surprising fan-favourite, he's also proven to be a major hit with Angie Kent's dad.
"If we're looking at wanting to settle down and have kids, I'd go for Carlin," Angie's dad said after meeting all the boys. "But if you're going to still be travelling and having fun and not having kids until you're 40, then Ciarran is probably the one."
The seal of approval followed on from Angie's single date with Ciarran, where she said he "surprised me so much, and it's making things hard. I can see a future with him."
Ciarran is a clear fan-favourite on The Bachelorette.
Though he's a clear frontrunner, we might have to say goodbye to Ciarran soon.
His walk-out was first teased in a lengthy promo at the beginning of the season, which hinted Ciarran might exit after first storming out of a cocktail party. The clip was shown again at the end of Thursday night's episode... and things aren't looking good for our boy.
In a clip, Ciarran and Timm face-off over an unknown incident. Ciarran asks Timm a question, with Timm telling him to "have a look himself."
Ciarran storms out of the cocktail party, with Angie and Carlin looking on. He rips off his jacket, saying "I'm done with this show, get me out of here."
Later, he's seen wearing his own clothes, talking to Angie outside the mansion.
"I honestly can't deal with it," he tells her, amid tears.
Then, a car is shown leaving. Angie walks back in to the mansion crying, saying "I guess I won't know now, what if he was the one?"
Ciarran talks with Angie after leaving the cocktail party.
Angie says an emotional goodbye to a mystery suitor.
Following on from the teasers, The Daily Mail has claimed a contestant will walk out of the series due to a family loss.
The publication says one of Angie's suitors will leave the show, after he was informed his Grandmother had passed away back home.
"The news sent shockwaves through the show," a source reportedly told the publication. "But everybody understood and respected his decision to go and be with his family."
Will Ciarran be the one who goes home?
Though we - and Angie - will be devastated to see Ciarran go, we'll have to wait until next week to find out if it's him who leaves.
Whichever contestant has to go home, it's sure to be an emotional episode.
The Bachelorette Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm, on Network 10.