The Bachelorette Australia

Why The Bachelorette was forced to make this subtle tweak to rose ceremonies

Producers were forced to step in after viewers kept figuring out the winner.

By Anita Lyons
Who will Angie Kent send home?
That is the question we all ask ourselves each Wednesday and Thursday as we sit down for another instalment of The Bachelorette Australia.
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During previous years, it's been very easy to tell who is about to be sent home, particularly when there are still men left who get zero screen time.
However, there is one minor detail that has changed - and it will blow your mind.
Looking back at Sophie Monk's season in 2017, eagle-eyed Bachie fans noticed that contestants who were lucky enough to score the coveted rose have a magnet attached to their jackets.
"I've worked out who the one going home will be," Twitter user Sienna wrote.
"They all have magnets for the rose, except the loser."
In fact, thanks to the interwebs and archiving, we have photographic proof from season's past.
During one particular week, polo player Bingham (who?) was sent packing while construction foreman and resident villain, Ryan (oh, God - #neverforget), somehow managed to stay.
But if you look closely, Ryan, was actually wearing a magnet on his lapel and poor old Bingham was not.
Where is Bingham's magnet? (Network Ten)
Oh there it is, but it was on Ryan... (Source: Network Ten)
Now, fast forward to 2019 and the mysterious magnets have disappeared - they're now inside the lapel!
See! No magnet in sight! (Source: Network Ten)
And it magically stays. (Source: Network Ten)
And mic drop! Somebody hand me my Walkley!
Yup, that's right - that sneaky production crew have gone and change this tiny little detail - so guessing is out of the question!
So, does this mean another one of our theories is about to be busted?
Every year, there's a "first impression" rose that our beloved Bachelorette gifts to someone who impresses her the most - and for Angie, that was honey-child Carlin Sterritt.
But, if history is anything to go by - it will end in disaster!
The first impression rose was given to Carlin, so is he the winner? (Source: Network Ten)
During Georgia Love's season, the "white rose" was given to Courtney Dober - however, he was sent home after G realised they weren't on the same page.
When it was Aussie darling Sophie Monk's turn, the Love Island host she gave Sam Cochrane a "double delight" rose - and, well, we all know how that turned out!
Last year, Ali Oetjen gave Bill "David" Goldsmith the "wild rose" - before choosing Taite Radley in the finale.
But, if they're mixing it up a little, does this mean Carlin is the one?
One thing's for sure, we CANNOT wait to find out!

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