The Bachelorette Australia

Angie Kent’s suitors waste no time picking fights in fiery sneak peek at The Bachelorette Australia

''I guess I won't know now, what if he was the one?''

By Tina Burke
An extended first look at the new season of The Bachelorette Australia has been unveiled, and let's just say there is a lot to unpack.
While the promo starts off promising for our girl Angie Kent - who meets 20 "unconventional" characters on the red carpet at Bachelor Mansion - things quickly descend in to chaos.
On the very first night a feud brews between firefighter Jamie and local politician Jess, and the drama shows no signs of stopping there. Scroll through to see what's in store for Angie, and the boys, when The Bachelorette Australia premieres.

King Jess vs Firefighter Jamie

With pretty much no explanation as to what they're fighting about, Jess is shown mildly shoving Jamie at the first cocktail party.
"Don't push me, don't put hands on me," Jamie says, before accusing him of "calling me out in front of anyone."
It's unclear what Jess did, but Jamie is later shown in tears, telling the camera: "I don't even know how to come back from this."
Why does Jess shove Jamie?
Jamie's had enough, and this is only night one.
Though it seems like a stressful situation, the whole thing is made somewhat comical by the fact that Jess is inexplicably dressed up as a King – complete with a robe and a blue throne.
While we don't know how the drama started with them, it looks like Angie will be Team Jamie.
A separate clip in the teaser shows the enraged Bachelorette telling Jess: "It infuriates me that I'm still standing here chatting to you."
It doesn't seem like the smartest idea to laugh while Angie says you infuriate her.

Does Ciarran walk out?

Tension is certainly brewing between cheeky Brit Ciarran and… someone.
It looks like he's having beef with Timm, but it could also involve Jess, Carlin, or some other mysterious contestant. The editing leaves things ambiguous, though we do see Ciarran calling someone "an absolute weasel."
Following an argument, he's seen stripping off his suit jacket and walking away from a cocktail party, telling the shocked crew – and a watching Angie – that he's "done with this show."
Ciarran storms out of the cocktail party, leaving Angie shocked.
From the looks of things, he'll walk out of the series altogether.
Wearing a change of clothes and struggling to talk through tears, he's shown telling Angie he can't deal with it.
Then, a car pulls away from the mansion with Angie's voice over saying: "I guess I won't know now, what if he was the one?"
Ciarran and Angie have a heart-to-heart.
Does Ciarran walk out?

Tense encounters...

Though their tiffs didn't take up quite as much screen time, it was clear from the trailer that tension between the boys extends far beyond Jess, Jamie and Ciarran.
"As the battle for Angie's heart heats up, emotions are laid bare," host Osher Günsberg reveals.
Carlin is seen aggravated by another contestant at a cocktail party, saying "okay let me stand up right now" as they begin to argue. Plus, a whole bunch of the contestants are seen crying their way through.
At times, our Bachelorette also appears rattled. Angie is shown regretting sending someone home, but who will it be?
"Why did I do that? That was the wrong decision," she says through tears after one rose ceremony.
Who is Carlin feuding with?

Angie’s fairy-tale ending

Though there will be heartbreaking lows, it seems there will also be glorious highs, as Angie finally finds her Prince Charming.
Having confirmed to TV WEEK she found love on the series, viewers will be overjoyed to see this season end happily.
In the teaser, we catch a glimpse of Angie awaiting her final two suitors in an enchanting forest.
"I don't want the perfect guy for everyone, I want the perfect guy for me. And I've completely fallen in love with you," she says.
Angie waits for her Prince Charming.
Which contestant will make Angie's heart sing?
We can't wait to see who Angie has chosen! Watch all the drama unfold in the show's sneak peek at top of the article.
The Bachelorette Australia returns, Wednesday, 9 October at 7.30pm on Network 10.

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