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How tall is The Bachelorette's Angie Kent? Her exact height, revealed

''People always think I'm much taller than what I am.''

By Alex Lilly
Australia's Bachelorette for 2019 may not be a complete stranger to us, but there are still some bits of info we're keen to know about Angie Kent.
The former Gogglebox and I'm A Celeb star is undoubtedly a stunner but seeing as we're used to seeing her sitting on a couch, have you ever wondered how tall she is?
"People always think I'm much taller than what I am," Angie tells Now To Love. "I am only 163[cm]."
For those of you who don't use the metric system, that's just over five feet and three inches. And seeing as the average Aussie woman measures up at 161.8 cm tall, that's actually above average.
Guess she won't feel self-conscious in heels then!
Angie revealed to Now To Love that she's 163cm. (Image: Instagram @angiekent_)
There's a bit of a height difference between Angie and this year's Bachelor Matt Agnew who gave us a very cheeky answer when we asked how tall he was.
"Ummm... I'm 6'3, but 6'6 on Tinder," he said prior to The Bachelor airing.
Now he's all loved up with his winner Chelsie McLeod, we have a feeling his Tinder days are over.
There's a bit of a height difference there! (Image: Media Mode)
Angie previously struggled with body image issues and these even manifested themselves into an eating disorder.
"I think it's so big to share any type of troubles that you have. For so long, I hid the fact that I struggled with what I didn't know was anxiety and I had a dreadful dreadful eating disorder which has affected many different things with me now," she told Now To Love.
"I have celiac disease and endometriosis which I think is from having really bad bulimia and starving myself for years."
"At the time it was awful but I've worked through that and it's made me the person that I am and I think everyone should be able to talk about what they've been through," she adds.
WATCH: Angie Kent opens up about her past eating disorder. Post continues after video...
Angie also says: "My biggest advice for all girls and guys out there is that you should never have to change yourself for anyone. Don't hide if you're struggling because I guarantee the person next to you is struggling just as hardcore but they're too frightened to talk."
"As soon as we get the conversation flowing then we don't have to be frightened anymore, cause none of us are perfect. We've all got stuff we want to talk about."
"Don't change yourself, because there are going to to be other little weirdos out there, just like you and me."