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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelorette intruder Ryan reveals his turmoil in the mansion

His chemistry with Angie is clear as day, but not everyone is happy about it...

By OK! team
The drama is relentless when it comes to The Bachelorette, and new intruder Ryan Anderson has just put things into overdrive.
In fact, he only just arrived in the mansion this week – but Bachelorette Angie Kent is immediately smitten!
"They've got a lot in common and the other boys don't like it," an insider dishes.
So much so, Ryan Anderson tells OK! he was frozen out by the other contenders who felt 'threatened' by the fact he and Angie share a love of dogs.
Oh, and there was also a bit of chatter around the fact that Ryan and Angie had already connected prior to the show on social media.
Sparks are flying between Ryan and Angie... (Network Ten)
"I've always liked Angie," Ryan, 33, from Cairns, says.
"We'd exchanged a few messages on Insta – mostly about my Rottweiler Goose! – and so I applied for the show solely to meet her properly."
While the move had the potential to backfire, Ryan says Angie immediately recognised him when he arrived and appreciated the lengths he'd gone to.
"I fancied her even more when we met," Ryan admits.

With the couple sharing a kiss on their first date – and securing Angie's best friend Yvie Jones' approval after she meets Ryan during an appearance on the show this week – it looks like Ryan's a frontrunner.
"There was an undeniable chemistry between Angie and I as soon as we met," he adds.
Meanwhile, Angie appears to agree.
"I'm attracted to someone's smile and spirit," she says.
"I'm not into looks."
No wonder the guys aren't happy!
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