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EXCLUSIVE: Yes, The Bachelorette's Jamie is just as intense as he appears on screen

Scot and Adam, two of the latest evictees, tell us what Jamie is REALLY like.

By Tina Burke and Anita Lyons
During every season of The Bachelorette, there's always that one guy that has his eyes firmly on the prize.
And this season, the award of that pesky "stage-5 clinger" title goes to Jamie C Doran, who quite frankly, is on a whole other level.
Of course like any reality show, the hectic "clinger" vibes can be attributed to some serious editing, but according to latest evictee Scot Fuller, there's no editing at play here, at all.
"Jamie is exactly what you see him to be," Scot admitted in a chat with Now to Love.
"He thinks he is going to take Angie away at the end and the whole time he felt that as well. He was 1000 per cent devoted to her."
According to the real estate agent from QLD, Jamie had done his due diligence going in.
"He knew everything," he said.
Jamie is, well, intense. (Source: Network Ten)
Adam Sellers, another unlucky Bachelor from Wednesday's episode, revealed that while Jamie was "a good guy, you can only be with him in small doses".
"In the mansion I used to walk the long driveway, back and forth for an hour, just for my own mental health," he told Now to Love in a chat after his eviction.
"And he started joining me on these big walks and there was just conspiracy theory, after conspiracy theory, and oh he was talking about Angie non-stop, and he had done his research and this, that and the other.
"Like 'Here's how I'm going to play this' and just ugh. After a while I just had to start kind of avoiding him on my walks. He'd be like 'Have you walked yet?' and I'd be like 'Yeah, sorry pal'."
WATCH NEXT: Jamie gifts socks to Angie on The Bachelorette. Story continues...
While the men thought Jamie was a "little much", Angie saw a different side to the firefighter - especially after he gifted her some rainbow socks.
"So, when we were on the group date the other day, Yvie said something about you not liking your own feet," Jamie said to Angie after the unboxing.
"It's not about you covering up your flaws, I think everything about you is beautiful and I think your feet are beautiful, you're beautiful," he said.
"When you're having a bad day, that night you go put these socks on and you go to sleep and the next day you wake up with nothing but love and positivity in your heart and because after every storm there is always a rainbow."
And actually, it's pretty cute.
While Angie thought it was lovely, the boys didn't quite understand the sentiment, with Scot still getting a good laugh out about it a few months down the track.
"We were all a little bit like, what the f---k? We were all a little bit lost for words and a little dumbfounded," he admitted.
Angie was quite chuffed with Jamie's gift. We think. (Source: Network Ten)
While we have no idea whether Jamie will win out in the end, it's clear that he has his eye on the prize - and by prize we mean, Angie.

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