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EXCLUSIVE: Bachelorette's Jamie FINALLY breaks silence on those rumours he's a paid actor

The mansion's most expressive contestant opens up.

By OK! team
He's got his sight's firmly set on Angie, but The Bachelorette's Jamie Doran's amorous displays are now being questioned for their authenticity, it seems.
Indeed this keen bean contender admits he wears his heart on his sleeve, and Jamie Doran's over-the-top declarations – and tears – on The Bachelorette have made many think he might be an actor.
But now, the hunky firefighter has exclusively spoken up to clear up any misconceptions.
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Speaking to OK!, the 39-year-old admits he's a big fan of Ange, and that's that.
"I'm no fake and I'm definitely not an actor," the hunky firefighter, 39, adamantly explains.
"I've always been open and emotional in all aspects of my life. I've found myself in a competitive situation with a bunch of younger guys and my emotions have become amplified."
Jamie is defending himself amidst rumours he's a paid actor. (Network Ten)
Jamie fuelled whispers that he's a paid actor earlier this week when an old schoolmate of his revealed his "obsession" with acting.
"Back in high school, he was obsessed with acting," an insider who grew up with Jamie told NW.
"A couple of our mutual mates bumped into him in early 2018 in Sydney and he told them he was on his way to an acting class."
But Jamie again defended the rumours, saying "My intention for coming onto this show was not to be in the 'bro zone.
"It was to win Angie's heart and I'll do whatever it takes."
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This week, it seems his emotions are heightened even further after a major clash with the other guys.
But will his intensity cause Angie to have second thoughts? Time will tell...

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