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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelorette’s Timm Hanly has a hidden skill – and it’s not what you would expect

Just add this to his list of awesome!
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If there’s one thing that we know about this year’s Bachelorette, it’s that the boys are quite the “ecclectic” bunch.

And apart from a few (who we shall not name), every single one of them is just frankly, a bloody great guy.

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But there’s one in particular who is surprising everyone – including our Bachelorette Angie Kent – and that is front-runner, Timm Hanly.

And according to one of the eliminated contestants, Glenn Smith, he’s not only a loveable larrikin, but he can cook too!

“We’d all cook dinner and then sit-down to eat it together,” the refrigeration technician revealed in an interview with Now to Love.

“Niranga [Amarasingshe] was probably the star chef and was whipping out all sorts of things but Timm was really good too.”

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Timm not only has luscious locks, but can cook!

(Source: Network Ten)

There was no real specific dish that stood out to Glenn, in fact, Timm was just really good at “pulling things out of the fridge and freezer” and putting them together and said that generally, they all “ate really healthily”.

At one point, producers of the show told the guys that they were eating too much food and asked them to slow it down.

“We had to remind that we are grown men, you know!”

While he may have been a great cook, however, Timm was definitely the messiest, according to Glenn!

“You’d always know when Timm had been in the kitchen, that’s for sure!”

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Even with all of the drama on-screen, Glenn said that the boys were part of a “boys club”.

“You put 20 boys in a house and we’re all going to have fun,” he revealed.

“Boys just get along. There were no real divisions in the house. Some boys got a long more than others and obviously some boys blew up more at the cocktail parties but guys bury the hatchet pretty quickly, let’s be honest.”

And when it came to the front-runners in the house, Glenn said there was a “new favourite” every day.

“Every time someone would get a single date, he was the new favourite. It happened every single time in there.

“The guy who had a single date ages ago became the least likely, while the one who just had one, seemed to have it.”

“My top three are probably Jackson – he’s really a down-to-earth guy and genuine. Carlin is obviously a favourite and Timm. The guys who could make her laugh.”

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