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So, Matt Agnew DOESN’T pick her? The Bachelor’s Emma Roche busted with a mystery man!

Has the ‘stage five clinger’ moved on from the astrophysicist?
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Outspoken Bachelorette Emma Roche was forced to hit back at Ten after she was swiftly branded a “stage-five clinger” by fans, later telling her Instagram followers she was a victim of “terrible editing”.

While it’s still unclear how far the 32-year-old contender will make it on The Bachelor, it can be revealed the brand manager has had no issues in swiftly getting clingy with another man since filming ended.

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In photos exclusively obtained by Woman’s Day, the brunette beauty has been snapped cosying up to a handsome gentleman on a seaside getaway at Depot Beach in NSW.

“They were all over each other,” says an onlooker, who reveals the pair seemed to be on a date.

“They were giggling and at one stage he even gave her a piggyback ride – it was rather romantic,” adds the insider.

Emma was seen with a handsome companion.

(Image: Exclusive/ Matrix)

What would Matt Agnew say?

(Image: Exclusive/ Matrix)

Earlier this month, Emma responded after fans compared her to last season’s “stage five clinger” Cass Wood during an interview with OK!

“Cass is a beautiful girl, but I’m nothing like her,” insisted Emma.

“I definitely don’t want to come across as Cass whatsoever.”

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At one stage the mystery man even gave Emma a piggyback ride.

(Image: Exclusive/ Matrix)

The brunette beauty was snapped getting cosy with the man.

(Image: Exclusive/ Matrix)

The bubbly brand manager added that Matt ticks all her boxes when it comes to a potential life partner. She describes him as her “ideal match” and declares that they hit it off straight off the bat!

“He is everything I’m looking for and he’s absolutely gorgeous!’ shares the bubbly contestant.

“We’re definitely on the same page as we’re the same age, we’re both mature and both know what we want. I definitely think we have a lot of similarities and are a good match for each other.”

Emma said she wanted to introduce him to her family.

“They would love him,” she gushed. “He’s got his life together and knows what he wants. He’s just a really good guy, so my family would be thrilled if I were to end up with him.”

(Image: Exclusive/ Matrix)

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