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Will Pia Miranda be crowned Sole Survivor of 2019?

The Smiling Assassin could very well be the last one standing.
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She may be small but Pia Miranda sure is mighty.

And while Shaun Hampson may have been The Horse, the Looking For Alibrandi star has been the “dark horse”, playing arguably the best social game of the bunch on Survivor this year.

But could she go all the way?

Does Pia have what it takes to win?

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Pia herself said that she’d either be the first to go on Survivor or make it all the way to the end and seeing as she’s come this far, the latter might come true.

“My plan was to fly under the radar, then strike with a big move, then lie low again,” she revealed to OK! magazine about her strategy and as the one who orchestrated David’s epic blindside, she could very well do it again.

WATCH: David gets eliminated in the ultimate blindside. Post continues after video…

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Speaking exclusively to Now To Love, international model David said that Pia was “pretty devious” and was impressed by Pia’s alliance with fellow Champions Janine Allis and Abbey Holmes.

On the topic of his blindside, David said, “It was so funny watching that back because Pia really is an amazing actress, I honestly had no idea she was gunning for me. I had a sneaking suspicion that maybe things were going a little awry with Abbey but Pia, flawless performance! I had no clue she was spearheading it.”

That fake laughing and crying worked a treat!

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Pia’s acting skills have served her well in the game.

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Pia may have lost her closest ally in Janine, but the Boost CEO is backing her all the way.

Following her elimination, Janine stated, “She is a Sicilian, you do not underestimate her. She’ll turn this whole game around and people won’t see her coming. Seriously, no joke, I am so excited about it.”

She then added at Jury Villa, “The contestants on the show don’t know how manipulative and evil she really is.”

Fans are also convinced Pia could be top dog because she’s getting the ‘winner’s edit.’ This simply means the producers are making it look like Pia’s playing the perfect game and while she may not be a challenge beast like some of the others, you have to admit her social plays have gotten her far.

Pia aligned herself with big characters like Janine ‘The Godmother’ Allis.

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Sportsbet currently have Pia listed as the number one contestant to win at 1.30 and aside from people’s champion Luke Toki, she could be the biggest fan of the franchise so you can bet she’s done her homework.

“I actually applied to go on the US version when I was in my 20s, and considered applying for US citizenship so I could compete,” she admitted.

“I have a pretty deep love for Survivor. I’ve been watching it since the very first season in 2000. I really know how it works,” Pia said before the show started.

“I am going to use all my skills as an actor and all my know-how as a massive Survivor fan to take this out and be the Sole Survivor.”

Pia is a die-hard Survivor fan.

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