Why winning Survivor would mean so much to family man Luke Toki

''Being a father to me means everything.''

By Alex Lilly
Luke Toki may be a cheeky larrikin on Survivor who calls himself King of the Jungle, but back home in Australia, he is the ultimate family man.
The dad-of-three and his wife Mary share three adorable children. But the Toki family has had to face some challenges that will bring a tear to your eye whether you're a parent or not.
Luke and Mary's two eldest boys Lennox and Nate both have autism while their daughter Madeline Snow Toki born in March 2019, just six weeks before Luke went on Survivor, was born with cystic fibrosis.
Proud dad Luke shared a series of images shortly after Madeline was born to welcome his and Mary's new arrival.
"You are not even one day old yet but have already undergone your first surgery. She was born with intestinal atresia. Mary has had to be strong knowing the baby would be pulled away from her and put in another hospital straight after birth," he captioned his post.
Luke and his wife Mary are proud parents of three. (Image: Instagram @luketoki)
"After being at Perth Children's Hospital Foundation we know you are in the safest hands possible and hoping for a full recovery. We are still learning of the condition of the situation as we speak."
He continued, "Anyways.... How cute is she 💕 She hardly has been crying while she has been constantly moved, bloods been drawn and even tho she still hasn't been able to eat she has been so quiet and looking around the room. I can't wait for her mum @marytoki84 To be able to leave hospital and go see her."
Luke's little girl Madeline suffers from cystic fibrosis and wasn't even a day old when she had her first surgery. (Image: Instagram @luketoki)
Following a reward challenge win for the Champions on day 11, Luke and his teammates not only indulged in some fish and chips but saw their biggest achievements printed on mock newspapers.
While Champions including Pia Miranda, Ross Clarke-Jones and Andrew Ettingshausen's papers recognised their professional successes, Luke was brought to tears when he saw his front cover that depicted himself holding his daughter.
''Being a father to me means everything,'' he revealed on the show. "I haven't succeeded in sport or whatever but my boys, daughter and wife that's obviously what I treasure the most."
"If I win $500,000 it would be life-changing for my family. It'll give my kids a future that I want to give them so that's why I'm doing it."
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Survivor contestants both past and present have shared their support for Luke and his family.
"He's really an amazing, lovable guy," AFL Champion Abbey Harrison said on the show. "You can see how much being away from his family affects him."
Speaking to TV WEEK, eliminated Champion Andrew Ettingshausen (known as ET) said he'd love to see Luke take the Survivor crown.
"The heartstrings pull pretty hard for me when it comes to the family and I think he really was doing it for them so I'll put my hand up for him."
What a cutie! (Image: Instagram @luketoki)
Australian Survivor alum Matt Tarrant even tweeted, "I'm absolutely loving seeing Luke back on our screens on #SurvivorAU."
"What makes it even more mind-blowing is when this was filmed, it was just weeks after the birth of his daughter. I hope he smashes it, and brings home the big one for his family."
And of course, Luke has the support of his wife and kids. Shortly before the season premiere, Mary regrammed a Survivor trailer on her own Instagram account to cheer Luke on.
"I know he would of given it his all out there and am very proud of him for making it on to a second season of the show. So excited to watch his funny little antics," she wrote.
Mary and the kids are no doubt enjoying Luke's antics on the show. (Image: Instagram @marytoki84)
Among his hilarious Survivor-themed posts, Luke frequently shares gorgeous family photos of his wife and kids. And sometimes, even his family friends have a Survivor twist.
One adorable photo of Luke with a sleeping Madeline on his chest makes a reference to his teammate Ross' particularly loud snoring.
"Me and my #1 fan putting away those day time Zzzz's.... She's a lot quieter than the devil himself @rcj6666 😂," he jokingly captioned the snap to which Ross replied, "And a lot prettier 💕😇🥰👹😈"
Madeline is certainly a daddy's girl. (Image: Instagram @luketoki)

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