EXCLUSIVE: Survivor's Pia Miranda reveals why she really went on the show

She's just like the rest of us...!

By OK! team
Before she headed to Savusavu on Fiji's northern island, actress Pia Miranda says she had a Survivor strategy.
"My plan was to fly under the radar, then strike with a big move, then lie low again," the mum-of-two tells OK!.
That plan worked a treat most recently when Pia initiated this season's biggest blindside elimination, sending model David Genat home.
Luckily, there are no hard feelings.
"I absolutely love Dave; he's comedy gold and he took the blindside like a champ," Pia, 46, says.
Pia hasn't been shy of the drama this season. (Network Ten)
The Looking For Alibrandi star says she honed her game skills after years of watching the show.
"I love Survivor!" She gushes.
"I actually applied to go on the US version when I was in my 20s, and considered applying for US citizenship so I could compete."
Instead, Pia had to wait until she was invited on Australian Survivor before she could attempt to outwit, outplay and outlast her fellow competitors.
"I get asked to do reality TV all the time and I always say no," she explains.
"I'm a very private person in my real-life, so I've never wanted to do a reality show. I knew if I agreed to this, I'd be exposing myself in a big way – but Survivor's not like any other program."
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When she finally made it onto the show, Pia says she wished she'd had laser hair removal beforehand!
"I was the only girl who hadn't and now, when I'm watching at home and I see myself lift my arms in a challenge, I'm like, 'Hair situation!'"
Pia also adds she never wants to eat another coconut again.
"We filled up on coconut. But it's so rich, it plays havoc with your stomach."
And one thing she was hanging out for post-Survivor was ice-cream.
"I craved gelato like crazy when I got home," she laughs.
Now, she's emerged as a potential winner, and the $500k prize money would be "a game changer".
"I'm an Aussie actress, not a Hollywood actress, so to win for my family would be absolutely huge."

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