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Why every Survivor fan needs to check out host Jonathan LaPaglia’s Twitter account

Someone get this guy a book deal.
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With his witty one-liners and collection of khaki shorts, Jonathan LaPaglia is quite literally the face of Australian Survivor.

And despite admitting that some of his catchy quips are written for him by a team of professional writers, the host of the show has a Twitter account that every fan needs to see.

Turns out the Aussie actor and TV personality is quite the savage observer, frequently poking fun at the contestants and awkward situations that pop up on Survivor.

Along with plenty of GIFs and edited images, JLP’s account is a goldmine if you need a laugh.

Some of his pearlers?

When Andy tried to throw the challenge in an attempt to kick off David or Luke, Jonathan’s tweet declaring “Andy was about as useful as a cup of decaf in that challenge,” was favourited a whopping 225 times.

And that’s not the only one.

Despite his razor-sharp wit, JLP also shows his softer side on Twitter as well, especially when the contestants do something particularly heartwarming.

After Andrew ‘ET’ Ettingshausen was booted off the Champions tribe, the show’s host sung his praises on social media saying, “ET goes home but will not be forgotten. Not meant to be a foot soldier he is the nicest Champion EVER! IN THE HISTORY OF SURVIVOR!!!!”

He even put a shout out to Contender John, whose mullet has garnered many admirers.

Taking to both his Twitter and Instagram accounts, JLP shared a photo from his Underbelly days rocking a very similar hairstyle.

“I’ve always said everyone should have a mullet at least once in their life. #SurvivorAU #twitter,” he captioned his post.

“I’ve always said everyone should have a mullet at least once in their life.”

(Image: Instagram @jonathanlapaglia)

When he’s not logging on to social media or in front of the camera in Fiji, Jonathan LaPaglia lives in California with his wife Ursula Brooks and daughter Tilly.

Fellow actor Ursula has starred in films including the 2009 black comedy Happy in the Valley and the film adaptation of the Dan Brown novel, Angels and Demons. Ursula has also written two TV movies, Enough About You and How Divine!

Guess we’ll have to wait and see the other quips he’s got up his sleeve this season!

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