Did you know Survivor Golden God David has three kids? Meet his entire family

The model has another side to him.

By Alex Lilly
He may be renowned for being a Survivor villain, but there's another side to David that we haven't seen as much of yet.
The 39 year-old international model has three children - two sons Winston and Hugo from a previous relationship and a daughter Rei with his current wife, Pearl Christensen.
But what do we know about David's nearest and dearest?
After a reward challenge in last year's instalment of Champions vs Contenders, the Champions team were surprised with toasted sandwiches and plates made by their loved ones. And when David was presented with his made by his children, it brought tears to his eyes.
"Thank you Dad for helping me on sport," Winston's message read, while his son Hugo wrote, "I love you Daddy, from Hugo."
His daughter Rei wrote, "Dear Dad. I love you and am thinking of you always," with David revealing to his tribe mates that one of his daughter's favourite expressions is "Exes and ohs."
David was rewarded with a plate made by his three children. (Image: Network Ten)
"I have three kids, I love them to bits," he revealed during the episode. "I try to think of everything I do as a way to help them."
"Just to have unbridled love right in front of your face and just remembering what that's about and why you're out here, it's just such a good recharge.
"Man, I feel like I'm in the storm and I've just been recharged by the lightning and this is my lightning and I'm ready to charge."
David and his daughter Rei in New York. (Image: Instagram @davidgenat)
David and Rei dressed as the characters from Léon: The Professional for Halloween. (Image: Instagram @davidgenat)
David is based in Brooklyn, New York with his wife Pearl Christensen, a movement coach and personal trainer, and their daughter Rei.
The couple have been together since at least 2013, judging by Pearl's Instagram account, and it was she who introduced him to a top tactic he's no doubt been using on the show.
"I really got into this Wim Hof breathing technique," the international model told 10 daily. "My wife introduced me to it about six weeks before we went into this Wim Hof seminar."
Known as The Iceman, Wim Hof is a Dutch extreme athlete who is renowned for being able to withstand freezing temperatures, so that tactic no doubt came in handy on those chilly nights on the Fijian island.
Following his dramatic 11kg weight loss from his previous season, David also enlisted the help of his wife to help him put the weight back on in a healthy way and build up his strength.
David lives in New York with his wife, Pearl Christensen. (Image: Instagram @pearlchristensen)
David's wife Pearl and daughter Rei made a cameo on Survivor. (Image: Network Ten)
During one episode, however, while Pearl and Rei's video message was being shown at the Survivor cinema, David was more engrossed in searching for a hidden immunity idol.
Once the dad-of-three found the idol hidden inside the popcorn machine though, he proceeded to do a victory dance and fill up on popcorn, choc tops and soft drink rather than sit and watch the remainder of his video message.
Watch the moment in the player below.

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