Survivor's Hannah explains why she doesn't call her elimination a blindside

''I was a little bit like a sacrificial lamb going into that tribal.''

By Alex Lilly
We've seen some shocking blindsides on Survivor this season but this one could take the cake for the most explosive!
Ever since he found out David gave him a fake immunity idol, Shaun and his alliance were set to kick David out but after both David and Luke played their immunity idols, it was police officer Hannah who was sent home.
It may have been a jaw-dropping episode, but Hannah told us why she's not calling it a blindside plus, she reveals the reality behind her "sickness".
TV WEEK: What a tribal, Hannah! That plan to get David or Luke out backfired, did you have any idea you were on the chopping block?
Hannah: It was definitely a consideration, I was a little bit like a sacrificial lamb going into that tribal. I definitely knew that it was a possibility but I also knew that it would be awesome to take out one of the biggest players in the game so that's why I went along with it. I just thought if we could pull it off, it would've been absolutely epic to get him out.
TV WEEK: You saw a few blindsides at past tribal councils, would you say yours the best?
Hannah: I'm still not calling it a blindside because I knew that it was a possibility so I refuse to use that word, but I'm really happy that I went out with a bang. If I could pick any of the ones I've seen so far, I think mine's definitely going to be up there for one of the best tribals ever. It could've only been better if John had done a streak through it!
Hannah's pleased she went out in one of the best tribals ever. (Image: Network Ten)
TV WEEK: Morale was so high after Shaun joined the Champions, where did it all go wrong?
Hannah: Well watching it now, obviously I knew about the idol situation. I voted to put Shaun on our team, obviously that's kind of my undoing because it freaked David out and started this whole magnitude of events. I'm still happy we did it, we thought we were going to win every immunity challenge after that. I mean, we had The Horse so we had such a strong team!
It sounds really bad but I was feeling like Matt. I was like, 'Yeah we got this, they've got nothing, this is going to be so easy' and then next minute we lose first immunity challenge and I'm going home!
TV WEEK: You're a cop in the real world but told everyone on Survivor that you're a hairdresser. Did you convince many people and get to play a bit of a social game?
Hannah: Oh yeah, everyone believed that I was a hairdresser. I'll admit that they thought I was an awful hairdresser because at the start all the girls were like "Can you braid my hair?" and then one by one, they stopped asking me because I can't braid and I was s--- at it so I think they were catching on!
And then I said "I don't do weddings, that's why I can't braid," so I had a whole story but definitely no one caught on, no one gave it a second thought.
Hannah is a police officer in the real world but convinced her teammates that she's a hairdresser. (Image: Network Ten)
TV WEEK: What was the toughest part about being on Survivor?
Hannah: I'm really close with my family so not being able to call my mum. I'm that annoying daughter who calls her every day, so she probably loved the break but I really found that hard, just not being able to have that phone call after a s--- day to talk to somebody. You just kind of had to go back and wait for your rice to cook so there wasn't much of an outlet really.
I struggled socially as well because my whole game plan was to fly under the radar. I'm a huge Survivor fan, I've seen it done, I wasn't going to make any big moves. I did try a couple just before Sam went because I could see where it was going to go, they're not shown but Sarah and I tried to team up, but that was only when I knew I was on the chopping block.
The whole strategy was to fly under the radar and slide into merge and then come out a bit stronger but unfortunately I got tangled up in the pretty boys' business! Usually I like to be the one having the popcorn and watching but unfortunately for this tribal, it was me. At least the good thing is we flushed two idols. When Luke did his idol, I feel like that was a waste.
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TV WEEK: Your former Contenders Sam and Sarah said they lost a fair bit of weight on the rice and beans diet. How did you go?
Hannah: Rice and beans diet is definitely one that I can confirm works. I think I lost four to five kilos, I can't remember now. I'm really short too but it was still a fair bit for me. I remember Mum came to get me from the airport and just cried and said 'You look so awful!' but I didn't lose as much, Sam was tiny by the end of it but I still lost a significant amount and I'm happy to say that my red wine and chocolate has put it all back on.
TV WEEK: What was the first thing you ate when you got back home?
Hannah: I'm a huge foodie so my husband had done my favourite red wine and cheeses and stuff and I hated all of it! Because your tastebuds are so used to bland food I was literally like "This tastes awful." I'm getting a bit better now but for the first while I couldn't eat blue cheese or mushroom sauce or anything like that because my tastebuds weren't used to it.
Hannah lost four to five kilos during her time on the show. (Image: Network Ten)
TV WEEK: You were feeling sick towards the end and that's why your name came into the mix because you were seen as a weaker link. Were you slightly relieved that you were eliminated?
Hannah: I had cramps for 20 minutes! It was so funny because I was like 'I knew what would happen, I've been watching this season and I've had no camera time.' My family were all saying 'Oh it's ok' and I was like 'No, I know they're going to play up these cramps I had for 20 minutes, I just know it.'
It was excruciating pain for 15-20 minutes and then I was fine, I was eating and all happy and then at tribal Jonathan said, "Hannah, is it just cramps?" and it kept coming up and the camera was zooming in on me in the shelter so I definitely go the vibe that it was going to be bigger than it was so hopefully it didn't paint me too badly. I don't think I was weak at all or feeling under the weather.
I've been pretty vocal on social media about the editing saying how much has been edited out. It's definitely different to how I remember things.

TV WEEK: Who are the remaining Champions to watch out for?
Hannah: I definitely think Andy is a huge player, but I don't think he's doing it well. He's putting targets on his back from both sides, says I who went before him!
The big players usually take each other out so my money is on Luke, I think he'd make it to the end because he's so charming and he's such a fun guy and he's got that air about him that you can't not like him. And I reckon Baden is a sneaky sneaky, he's kind of playing it easy but I think he's got a bit more going on in there so I'd be happy to see him at the end considering the first episode he was technically meant to go.
Hannah says Baden and Luke are the ones to watch. (Image: Network Ten)

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