Pia Miranda shares inspiring message after battling “confronting” skin condition on Australian Survivor

“I hope that watching me out there kicking butt lifts your spirits.”

By Erin Doyle
Pia Miranda has been fighting for her place in Australian Survivor as she attempts to outwit, outplay and outlast her rivals.
But this week, the Looking for Alibrandi star revealed another battle she'd been facing on the island.
Taking to Instagram, Pia explained that she'd struggled with a skin condition while filming that she was previously unaware of.
"A few people have been asking me about my skin on Survivor, and if you have been watching you may have noticed that it's going through somewhat of a transformation," Pia wrote.
"Well it turns out that whilst playing I had a flare up of an Autoimmune condition called Vitiligo that I didn't know I had."
Pia explained that she discovered she had an autoimmune condition called Vitiligo. (Image: Channel Ten)
Ever the fighter, Pia decided to keep her eye on the prize as she attempted to be the last one standing, despite confessing it was a "confronting" situation to be in.
"I was made aware of it but I decided to push through and not stress about it until I came home because... Survivor! 💪🏽," she confessed.
"It's not ideal that it happened in real time on TV, as it was pretty confronting knowing I was being filmed, but I think what initially felt like a negative, can be a positive."
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Since returning home, Pia said she was told her skin condition would need lifelong management.
And in an inspiring message to her followers, Pia said she was embracing looking "less than perfect".
"So for anyone who might be suffering from Vitiligo or any other condition that makes you feel like you look less than perfect, I hope that watching me out there kicking butt on Survivor (and also getting my butt kicked 😂) without a stitch of makeup on, lifts your spirits," she penned.
"I'm thinking there are enough perfect looking people on TV, so I'm happy to offer an alternative and be someone who is perfectly fine with being imperfect."
That's something we can get on board with!
Pia said it was "confronting" but hoped those watching would be inspired. Image: @_piamiranda/ Instagram