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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight’s Jessika Power’s mum lashes out in SHOCKING interview

Melinda says she feels she was betrayed by her daughter Jessika.
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Resilient is the only word you could use to describe Melinda Mackenzie. The mother-of-five escaped years of violence, overcame a drug and alcohol addiction and has raised five children.

But nothing could have prepared Melinda for the hardship that would come at the hands of hit reality TV show Married At First Sight.

Melinda’s daughter is Jessika Power, 27 – this past season’s most controversial bride. The unapologetic husband stealer drew attention over her promiscuous personality – a far cry from the Jess that Melinda insists she raised.

In an emotional interview, Melinda, 48, tells Woman’s Day how the show has ruined her relationship with her daughter.

How did Jess tell you she was going on MAFS?

She didn’t, [the whole family] tried to keep it a secret from me! Jess even got my own mother to hide it from me. That’s when I started having suicidal thoughts. I’ll never forgive Jess for that.

It was a betrayal.

Melinda says she had no idea her daughter was going to star on Married At First Sight.

(Image exclusive to Woman’s Day)

How did you cope?

I had two failed suicide attempts over Christmas last year. Thankfully now I’m in such a good place. My two boys, Ethan, 15, and Hikurangi, eight, are my strength.

You were silent throughout the show’s hype. Why are you speaking out now?

This isn’t about me, it’s about rectifying untruths.

I’m not estranged from Jess – she wasn’t forced to raise her younger siblings, her childhood was a happy one. She was raised by me! She stayed with my mother when I was in recovery [for drug and alcohol addiction]. When that was over she moved back to Perth with me.

Jessika, pictured here at age two with older brother Rhyce in 1993.

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If Jess had come to you in the first place and said she was going on MAFS, how would you have reacted?

I wouldn’t have been surprised. She has always been different to the way she was raised.

Jess was raised in the back of a bus travelling Australia… but she’s never been able to walk past a mirror without looking! She’s always had a mic in her hand or a hairbrush – she was always going to be a star.

Jess was the villain after she “swapped” with Dan behind Mick’s back. What did you make of that?

Her behaviour was out of line. My jaw just dropped, I couldn’t actually believe what I was watching.

As soon as I saw her make a move on Dan, I knew it was all over for Mick, I felt so sorry for him. But I knew where her behaviour was going to go.

WATCH: Married At First Sight‘s Jessika sets her sights on Dan. Post continues after video…

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Did you get to speak to Mick?

I reached out and apologised for my daughter’s behaviour – I was gutted. He was genuinely grateful to hear from me.

Mick and I are honestly so suited. If they ever did a proper Married At First Sight without the bulls—, I’d be a 98 per cent match to him!

Were you surprised to see how popular Jessika’s older brother Rhyce became online after the wedding aired?

It could have happened to anybody’s hot relative. He’s always been good looking – obviously gets that from his mother! He’s not perfect, but he’s my son and I love him to death.

2003 vs 2018: Jessika and her brother Rhyce have certainly had quite the transformation!

(Images: Supplied/Instagram @jessika_power)

Other than cheating scandals, talk was rife about Jess’s surgery. Has she always been into surgical enhancements?

That was all for the show! Growing up, Jessika never had any surgery or filler – I believe she had them done a few months ahead of filming.

Do you see your relationship with Jess being restored?

Of course. My Jess is gorgeous and smart. And she’s funny – she’ll have you in stitches. I want that side of her back. But until she can apologise for the way she has treated me… I won’t accept it.

Melinda says if they ever did a re-vamped version of Married At First Sight she’d be a 98 per cent match with Mick!

(Image: Channel Nine)

What would you say to people thinking of doing the show?

Don’t do it! I feel like I’ve lost my children [because of this show].The show is disgusting! I’ve been a mental health worker, and somebody will end up killing themselves from it.

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