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MAFS' Jessika Power's plea to trolls as she talks of her brother Rhyce's suicide struggle

"Enough is enough," Jess says.

By Anita Lyons
TRIGGER WARNING: This posts addresses suicide and may be distressing for some readers.
Married at First Sight's Jessika Power has taken to Instagram with an impassioned plea for fans to stop trolling her brother, Rhyce Power, saying he has "struggled with suicide for years".
The 28-year-old, who rose to fame on the hit TV show as Jess' "hot brother", has been continuously trolled over domestic violence allegations made against him earlier this year.
Taking to Instagram, Jessika shared a screenshot of a message her brother received which read: "I hit a guy who king hit my Dad. You bash woman for fun you flog [sic]."
In response to this message, she wrote this heartfelt message to her 210k followers:
"As a loving sister who has watched my brother struggle with suicide for years, I will not sit beside a hospital bed again with him.
"My brother has never been charged for these allegations made against him. I don't condone everything [Rhyce] does... but enough is enough."
She then continued to say that she knows the post may offend many people, but that she loves her family and "I'm sick of watching my brother defend himself constantly. I am sure that anyone of you reading this and getting ready to ridicule or abuse me in my DM's would do the exact thing in my position."
Jessika Power's impassioned plea to stop the trolling. (Source: Instagram/JessikaPower)
Jessika then went on to talk about her ex-boyfriend Eddy whom she lost to suicide in 2017.
"I have lost a partner to suicide and I know how important mental health is to men," she said. "Please let this rest until the law has decided my brother is guilty."
Back in January, Rhyce spoke to Kyle and Jackie O on their breakfast radio show saying, "There are some false rumours going around about me."
"Someone's got a photo saying I've got VROs [Violence Restraining Order] against me and [that I'm violent] against women."
Rhyce added that someone took a photo off Google of a heavily bruised woman and shared on social media that he was the perpetrator.
"It's pretty sad because the girl it actually happened to in 2015 messaged me crying her eyes out because she just got over it. Now this photo's gone viral about her," he told the radio duo.
Rhys' response to the allegations at the time. (Source: Instagram/Rhys_Power)
Then, in April, a woman named Vanessa Sierra, who was later outed as Rhyce's ex-girlfriend posted to her Instagram account, claiming he had assaulted her.
"7 days of isolation and I'm back to myself again," she wrote. "Those closest to me already know what happened. This was taken the day I left and it does not even hint the extent of what I went through. Domestic violence isn't a f- - -ing joke, so here is (literally) a taste of your own medicine. On a completely separate note, @rhyce_power how is Thailand?"
Jessika with her brother, Rhyce
Later, Rhyce responded via his legal team with a statement that read:
"Our client Rhyce Power has been notified by media that an allegation has been made against him. He is yet to be provided with those exact details but is now aware that a smear campaign has commenced from an ex-partner which is obviously very disappointing given their continued friendship since the relationship ending."
"He is determined to defend himself and will return home from Thailand immediately to do so. Rhyce will have no comment at this stage."
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