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PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight’s Jessika Power and Telv Williams BUSTED

The season five and six stars enjoyed a cosy day out together.
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She’s broken a few hearts during her time on MAFS.

First her farmer husband Mick Gould’s when she cheated with Dan Webb, then ex-boyfriend Dan’s when it was revealed she’d also propositioned Nic for a couple swap early on in the series.

But it was Jessika Power, 27, who was left heartbroken when a radio listener claimed to Kyle and Jackie O that Dan had “cheated on Jess after he came on to her in a bar two months ago.”

And as Dan finally confirmed on Friday that he’d broken up with Jessika, it looks like she’s set her sights on another MAFS groom.

Exclusive images obtained by Woman’s Day show the aspiring Instagram model has been hooking up with MAFS‘ season 5 groom Telv Williams in their home town of Perth!

Look away, Dan! (Image: Exclusive/Media Mode)

When MAFS stars collide: Telv starred on last year’s season and was matched with Sarah Roza. (Image: Exclusive/Media Mode)

Taken in December last year, before the reunion was filmed and while she was still with Dan, Telv, 34 – who was married to vivacious redhead Sarah Roza in his season – and Jess were seen enjoying each other’s company before heading out for a romantic date.

“We recognised Telv straight away, and just assumed she was his new girlfriend,” said one onlooker.

“They were giggling and laughing the whole night. You could tell he really fancied her.”

Dan even admitted in his break-up interview with Yahoo Lifestyle that he was suspicious of Telv and Jess.

“Last weekend, we had an event with Nova on the Thursday and I had to fly back to the Gold Coast because I had family obligations. Telv said something then [on the] Friday she was in Melbourne doing an event and he was in Melbourne and she was trying to screw him that night as well,” Dan told the outlet.

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Jess reapplied her lip gloss as she chatted to Telv. (Image: Exclusive/Media Mode)

“They were giggling and laughing the whole night. You could tell he really fancied her.” (Image: Exclusive/Media Mode)

“Like, fair dinkum, we had the best night on the Thursday night before that and it makes me feel like I’ve been played again,” he sobbed through tears.

“I was going to introduce this girl to my son! I actually love this girl. I wanted something with her and she’s so many good qualities. In a woman But I just don’t understand how she can be so mixed up in things!”

In fact, the father-of-one claims Jess and Telv hooked up in December.

“[Telv] messaged me on Instagram saying they hooked up just before Christmas,” Dan told Yahoo Lifestyle.

While Telv told the publication he had “no idea” Jess was dating Dan at the time.

“Dan seems like a really good guy. I feel for him,” Telv said in a statement.

Telv and Jess were snapped together in December. (Image: Exclusive/Media Mode)

Telv places a loving hand on the blonde bombshell. (Image: Exclusive/Media Mode)

Meanwhile, fans were hardly surprised when Dan finally called it a day on their rocky romance.

Last week, the pair were plagued with endless drama after that painfully awkward appearance on Talking Married when they came to blows over the video of Jess hitting on Nic.

The show’s host Ben Fordham then revealed that the couple were fighting off-air during the ad break.

“You guys had a bit of a dispute. There were some F-bombs going back and forth,” Ben said.

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Dan, who dumped Jess last week, suspected his partner had eyes for Telv. (Image: Talking Married/Nine)

Then there were those cheating allegations on KIIS FM, when a caller claimed that Jessika had sent her a very hectic message asking: “Can you please tell me what happened with Dan? I’ve just been through so much I feel like maybe this will help me move on.”

Jess, who is yet to officially address the split, was also been posting cryptic messages on social media while Dan briefly unfollowed the 27-year-old on Instagram.

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