Married At First Sight

MAFS Jessika Power just revealed the REAL reason some of the honeymoons were better than others

And now it all makes sense...

By Anita Lyons
Have you ever watched Married at First Sight and wondered why some of the couples get to go to Fiji on their Honeymoon and others to, well, Cairns?
Well the mystery has been solved during a Q&A by MAFS season six alumn, Jessika Power.
When asked by one of her loyal followers, "How come some couples get better honeymoon's?", the 27-year-old revealed the very unexpected reason.
"Your honeymoon was dependent on when you got married," Jessika said.
"So if you got married earlier on [during filming] you got an overseas holiday and if you got married late, you got an interstate holiday because everyone needed to be at the dinner party at the same time so we could all meet each other."
Mind. Blown. And now very obvious... (Source: Channel 9)
And this little titbit wasn't the only thing we learned from Jessika today.
In fact, we all learnt a very valuable lesson in the power of a comma.
Unfortunately, when Jess asked her fans to contribute to the story with some questions, Jess wrote: "Time to kill babies ask me anything".
Obviously, she meant - "Time to kill, babies", referring to her followers and later confessed to her mishap.
The (Jessika) Power of a comma. (Image: Instagram @jessika_power)
Jess had been answering questions for more than 45 minutes until one of her fans pointed out the error.
"ok so like I nearly died when I saw this and thought first you said 'time to kill babies'[sic}" one follower wrote.
Taking it in her stride and rather than deleting and ignoring, she responded with:
"Obviously guys I'm not going to kill babies. But, punctuation at its finest!". Oops!
WATCH NEXT: Jessika Power realising her mistake. Story continues after post...
Now that the MAFS cast have control of their Instagram accounts again, we're seeing a flurry of tell-all's sharing little nuggets of information from behind-the-scenes of the show.
And while it's always fun to find out how much the stars really get paid or who hooked up with whom, sometimes, the stars are left to defend themselves or reveal the harrowing reality of their new lives as bona fide celebrities.
Just last week, Dan Webb, Jessika's ex, revealed some pretty horrific death threats he had received.
Taking to his Instagram, the 35-year-old posted messages he received which included a heinous death threat while the show was airing.
"Dan, you better start looking around you, cos you [and] your new wife will be dead and sprayed with bullets," the message read.
The threat was referring to his "new wife", Jessika, whom he started an affair with during filming.
Dan Webb's uploaded messages he received from an internet troll. (Image: Instagram @danwebbs)
Another message told the father-of-one to "keep your mouth shut you bogan loser".
"OMG you shouldn't talk. Ever." and then added, "loserrrrr".
In a separate post, Dan spoke about the messages, saying that "they're 'so sad at their own life they try to bring someone else down to make themselves feel better".
"If you're getting bullied online, don't let it get to you. It's merely a reflection of their own character."
He added: "If you are in a mentally unstable way and need help, please reach out to the right helplines and get yourself right."