Married At First Sight

Married at First Sight: Sam Ball's embarrassing Instagram post causes divide on Mother's Day

''My mum is busy working, and Mother's Day isn't just about materialistic objects.''

By Anita Lyons
Married at First Sight may be well and truly over, but the show's controversial season six stars are still vying for attention on social media
And for Sam Ball, who was arguably the most contentious character MAFS had seen in a while, the drama just keeps on keepin' on.
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After posting a bizarre selfie of himself on Mother's Day, fans were quick to point out that Mother's Day was in fact, for mothers and not a heavily-edited selfies of one's face.
Captioning the selfie with: "Sunday, Mother's Day 💕", the 26-year-old shared a pic that had little do with the woman who gave him life.
The "Sunday, Mother's Day 💕" selfie in question. (Source: Instagram/who_is_samm)
Not one to keep their mouths shut, fans flocked to Sam's post to pan him for his odd choice of photograph.
"It's Mother's Day ❤️❤️ Everyone on social media: I'll say something nice about my mum and put a cute picture of her up," one user wrote.
"Sam: I'll put up a selfie* give the people what they really want 😂"
"Where's your mum?" another asked, while another bold fan said: "A pic of your mum would be better with a bunch of flowers that you gave her and an expensive gift. 👌"
Eeep. Awkies.
Of course, Sam, who monitors every single comment on his gram, was having precisely none of this criticism and hit back at the comments.
"My mum is busy working, and Mother's Day isn't just about materialistic objects," he wrote, and fair call, mate.
"And in addition my family prefers not to be in the public eye."
To another comment, he responded: "We don't need to show our family life on social media. Check my story and donate some money."
To his credit, Sam then shared a link to Every Mother Counts, a women's charity dedicated to childbirth safety.
Ouch! Fans were not happy with the selfie Sam posted on Mother's Day. (Source: Instagram/who_is_samm)
While some comments were pretty harsh towards the construction worker, plenty of fans came to his defence.
"Seriously people stop song so judgy 😂 your mum's would of taught you that if you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all, so respect your mummas and do as she says this mothers day 👍 keep at the good work @who_is_samm people can be so bitter 😂[sic]" one user wrote.
While another said: "Looking great Sam n happy mother's day to your mum 😊".
This is not the first time that Sam has caused controversy over an Instagram post.
Back in April, Sam shared a post-Easter photo with his 87.4k followers.
"Trying to walk off all the eggs the Easter bunny gave me. I hope everyone had a relaxed and safe long weekend ❤️🙌🏽," he captioned the photo.
And while it may look like a casual shot of the TV star looking serious while strolling through the street, it was what was missing that sent fans into a frenzy.
"Trying to walk off all the eggs the Easter bunny gave me," he captioned a post in April. (Source: Instagram/who_is_samm)
Earlier that day, Lizzie Sobinoff's former groom had worn the exact same suit when he attended a local court while his ex-girlfriend Akila Ahmunett's case was being mentioned inside.
While he was not required to attend the mention, he did in fact show up and was photographed with the sign of the court behind him - in this EXACT same stance, phone in hand and not a hair different.
No stranger to the old Photoshop, fans realised that it was the same pic - only doctored.
You can see the picture here.
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During his time on the show, Sam wrecked havoc after having an affair with Ines Basic and his awful treatment of bride Lizzie.
In an interview with Confidential in early April, the star apologised for his behaviour during his time on MAFS.
"I'm ashamed by the way I behaved and, to be honest, embarrassed for all of us by what I've seen on the show," he said.
"I really am absolutely sorry for the choice of words I used in the show. I know my actions would have offended almost every woman in the country and I had my time again, I would have done it differently."
And then in an interview with A Current Affair after his infamous no-show during the reunion special, he said:
"I just didn't want any part in the show, you know what I mean, like, the drama and all that."
"I didn't want to disrespect Ines or anyone. Like Elizabeth or everyone, like I feel bad. The way she felt in the scene, her reactions and stuff. I'm sorry for her and anyone who got offended by what I said, I'm sorry."

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