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Are Married at First Sight’s Jessika Power and the Honey Badger Nick Cummins a thing now?

The MAFS bombshell has sunk her claws into the former Bachie.
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Despite her love for all things plastic fantastic, Jessika Power insists that, deep down, she’s just a girl with simple needs.

Following the end of her drama-filled romance with Dan Webb, the Married At First Sight star was asked what she’s seeking in her next boyfriend, to which she replied, “Someone who makes me laugh. Looks wise, [nice] eyes and good teeth… that’s all I really look for.”

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Now, NW hears Jess has potentially found that – and more! – in Nick “The Honey Badger” Cummins.

Yep, a source close to Jess tells us that the model and larrikin former Bachelor are in the early stages of a hot new romance. Talk about a match made in reality TV heaven!

“Jess started following Nick on Instagram way back when he was on The Bachelor. Word is she slid into his DMs after things fizzled with Dan and they’ve arranged to meet up. She wasn’t exactly subtle.

“She thinks he’s really, really hot and let him know it. He’s got such a great body. He’s big and muscly – which we all know is what Jess loves.

“They’re the perfect couple if you ask me. They both don’t take themselves too seriously and love having a laugh.” Not to mention neither of them had a problem with being declared a “bogan” by the Aussie public during their time on TV.

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Jessika Power has her eyes set on the Honey Badger!

(Source: Instagram/Jessika_Power)

“They’ll be the bogan King and Queen of Australia,” laughs the source.

Jess recently confessed to NW that she finds the Honey Badger, 31, attractive.

All but letting the cat out of the bag, the 27-year-old even admitted he’d be the Aussie celebrity she’d want to be set up on blind date with.

“I find him so funny, so witty, so hilarious,” she gushed. “I love his Aussie slang and piss myself laughing when he talks.”

Meanwhile, Jess ticks many of Nick’s boxes.

Nick Cummins and Jess are said to be in a hot new romance!

(Source: Instagram/nickbadger)

From his time as the Bachie, we know he’s got a serious thing for blonde bombshells – and they don’t come blonder than Jess, who recently added some serious length to her gorgeous golden locks.

But Nick’s not just about appearances.

Of his dream partner, he’s previously said, “I would like to think that she knows herself, has been through some tough times and has sort of found herself through those tough times.”

Well we reckon being trolled by the entire nation definitely qualifies as “tough times”…

While Jess and Nick are perfect on paper, it’s unlikely that they’re going to rush into a serious relationship or so claims the insider.

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In fact, Jess was spied getting cosy with two other men recently.

On April 28, she enjoyed a pash with Melbourne barber AJ, although a friend claimed it was “just a one-night thing… They probably won’t see each other again.”

Then last week she posted a photo of herself cuddling Sam Abdulrahim, a kickboxer who was just released from prison after killing a great-grandmother in a car crash in 2015.

“Jess and Nick are keeping things on the down low for now,” continues the insider. “Jess thought her future was with Dan, but look how that turned out.

“She doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice by rushing things with Nick. They’re having fun.”

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