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EXCLUSIVE: The REAL Nick Cummins exposed

''I don’t want a wedding''
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After weeks of reports that Nick Cummins has dumped his final Bachelorette and is back on the singles scene, it appears the last petal has fallen for the tainted Bachelor.

Yep, NW can reveal that despite asking 28 girls to put their hearts on the line for him, Nick has no intention of getting down on one knee.

Nick has no intention of getting down on one knee.

“I don’t want a wedding,” he huffs to NW when we ask if he dreams of getting hitched. “Not in the traditional sense – it’s [got] nothing to do with a piece of paper or a diamond ring.”

But this is sure to be a real thorn in the Bachelorettes’ sides, as some girls have spoken about their dreams of heading down the aisle with Nick, 30. And it’s especially painful for frontrunner Sophie Tieman, who has dreams of a future with the Bachie!

“I want to meet the love of my life, get engaged, get married, have children and be happily ever after,” Soph, 25, says before giggling at the thought of her kids having a Honey Badger-style curly ‘do.

It’s not just this new revelation that has the Bachelorettes broken-hearted. The girls are said to be shattered at the possibility that Nick could have been looking at the show as an excuse to “hook up”, after he bragged about the opportunity in interviews before the show aired.

“You think, ‘You beauty, what could go wrong?’ All these sheilas after you and you get to kiss a couple,” he said at the time, telling NW that his brothers were even excited about it.

“The blokes thought, ‘The odds are in your favour. You meet a whole bunch of girls, kiss a couple – that’s awesome!'”

And he did! In fact, on a steamy date that airs this week, Nick and Soph had to be separated by producers after things got too hot and heavy in the spa back at the Bach Pad.

In a date that airs this week, Nick and Soph had to be separated by producers after things got too hot and heavy in the spa.

“I’m a red-blooded male, and when you’re in a spa and you’ve been locked up for a couple of months and you’ve got some cracking sort on your lap and you’re starting to connect on a few levels and you’re starting to exchange saliva and one thing leads to another… You just grab ’em, put them up on the side of the pool and start having a kiss, and all of a sudden the producers come in and bloody separate you for some flamin’ reason!” he spilled.

“I think when I told the crew to pack up and turn the lights off, they got the idea.”

Nick even went on to joke that he was disappointed the Aussie series doesn’t have overnight stays, like the US version.

“I might have picked the wrong show!” he said.

This is just another kick in the guts for the girls who’ve witnessed images emerge of Nick out with a mystery brunette in Sydney on September 8. “Honestly, how much more will these girls have to take?” complains an insider.

Maybe just one more hit, as it’s been suggested Nick signed on to the show simply for a popularity boost.

“Nick has a book coming out next month, which is perfect timing,” spills the spy. “Everyone reckons it’ll fly off shelves considering how popular he is right now, but if he breaks the girls’ hearts, it could backfire.”

Yep, remember what happened to former Bachelor Blake Garvey, mate? Eek!

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