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Married At First Sight’s Elizabeth hits back at claims she’s gone under the knife: “I’ve never had surgery!”

The MAFS star responds to her critics
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Married At First Sight’s Sam isn’t the only person who has commented on Elizabeth’s looks.

Some of the nasty comments written about Elizabeth online have included “Bride Of Frankenstein” and “The Addams Family mum”. Fortunately, the jewellery store manager says she’s strong enough to deal with the hate.

“I have extremely thick skin,” she says. “But I feel it’s very much [a case of] if a woman appears confident, bring her down.”

Elizabeth on her wedding day on MAFS (Image: Nine Network).

On the subject of body image, Elizabeth, 27, says she’s a believer in “self-love” and empowering others.

“You don’t have to be what magazines, Instagram or a man tells you to look like,” she says. “Every woman is beautiful, no matter what shape or size.”

She also denies having had any enhancement surgery.

“If it makes someone happy, go ahead,” she says. “But I haven’t had any, and I’d like to make that clear!”

Elizabeth and her new husband Sam on MAFS (Image: Nine Network).

When it comes to her new husband Sam, who made shocking comments about her physical appearance in Sunday night’s episode, Elizabeth says he is a “great actor”.

“I’m someone who goes with my gut feeling, and I couldn’t read him,” she explains. “He just wasn’t connected, which just made me feel uneasy.”

“He’s the type who would say anything to please you to your face – and then say the complete opposite to other people,” she declares. “I think he has unreasonable expectations of women.”

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Married At First Sight airs Monday to Thursday, and Sunday, 7.30pm, Nine Network.

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