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Married At First Sight viewers react to Cam’s tearful break down

Cam was left crying in tonight's heartbreaking episode...
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After week’s of lying, cheating and feuding, the drama has begun to take it’s toll on one of Married At First Sight’s strongest couples.

Though their relationship is better than ever, Jules and Cam have become overwhelmed by the negativity within the experiment.

After calling out Ines and Sam over their affair, and later confronting Jessika and facing-off with Martha over rumours, Jules claimed she was done with their drama during Sunday night’s Commitment Ceremony.

“Do you know what, I’m checking out,” Jules told Martha, who had said the rumours were none of her business.

“This is why I am here,” she said, gesturing to Cam. “I don’t care any more, to be honest.”

Jules and Cam have grown tired of the drama.

In tonight’s episode, viewers caught a glimpse of how the antics affected Jules and Cam the following day.

“All the drama going on is draining. This becomes your world and your focus and you become emotionally invested in it,” Jules told the cameras.

“Jules is my priority, without a doubt, so I’ve got to make sure she’s okay,” said Cam, adding the show has been “emotionally exhausting.”

“We’ve probably never even…” Cam began to say, before breaking down in tears under the stress of the experiment.

The stress has taken it’s toll on Jules and Cam.

Comforted by Jules, Cam cried into his loving wife’s arms.

“You’ve been this big strong man for me and been picking me up, and you just forgot about your own feelings,” Jules said as she comforted him.

“You get so caught up in it,” Cam responded. “But that’s just what this is.”

Jules tells TV WEEK exclusively that the drama became so much for the couple, they wanted to leave.

“There was so much nastiness going on. I felt really unhappy and was just drained. Everything we were a part of felt like it was becoming a bit of a joke,” she reveals.

“From that moment on, we [Cam and I] decided we wouldn’t be involved in anyone else’s drama.”

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Australian viewers were quick to throw support behind Cam, celebrating the participant for being true to himself and showing his raw emotions in the experiment.

“Jules and Cam should just write leave so they can live their happy lives together without the drama and experiment,” wrote one viewer on Twitter.

“Cam showing its OKAY for men to cry,” said another, with clapping emojis.

We love ya, Cam!

Married At First Sight airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Nine.

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