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All the definitive signs that MAFS’ Heidi and Mike have broken up

Is it all over even after the ‘I Love You’?
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On Tuesday night’s episode of Married at First Sight, we witnessed a true, ahem, “love” story, when Mike Gunner finally said those three little words to Heidi Latcham.

While most of the country were left scratching their heads – particularly because of Mike’s “slap with one hand and hug with the other” approach to saying “I love you” – the couple have today insisted that they are still together.

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However, something fishy is going on.

Mike has been doing the press circuit all on his own and while Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson professed their undying love for each other on their post-vow Instagrams, there was a distinct lack of love in Heidi and Mike’s respective Insta posts.

So does this mean the pair have parted ways for good?


You don’t have to be an expert, psychologist or genius to see that Heidi and Mike have been wrong from the get-go.

In fact, even if you only watched their final vows (an entire episode which was oddly dedicated to only them), you could see that their journey had not only been, in Mike’s words: “hard”, but “destructive” and “difficult”.

Even our trusty expert John Aiken was unconvinced: “Heidi and Mike tend to get hung up on any negative experiences as a couple and it has a detrimental impact on their relationship.”

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Heidi and Mike during their final vows on MAFS. (Source: Channel 9)

During the vows, Heidi said she wanted to make things work but she had a few stipulations.

“I want you to be more thoughtful, more kind and considerate. I want to feel safe and secure,” all the things Mike has never ever shown he is capable of.

Mike (a serial gas lighter from the beginning), however, was kind and thoughtful…until he wasn’t.

“You told the experts once that I was inconsiderate, you told me that you didn’t trust me and that hurt a lot,” he said, and then told her he had been conflicted with the decision because he worried their relationship had been “hard work”.

“Often it was only radiant glimpses of the Heidi I loved so much. I am concerned that only glimpses are not enough to sustain me…”

If this doesn’t spell DISASTER, we don’t know what does.

Even though Mike finally said those three little words, it was contrived and rehearsed and, we don’t know about you, but very telling.

Heidi and Mike seemed to have fallen in love, however, Australia was unconvinced. (Source: Channel 9)


While Cam and Jules and Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli have done multiple media interviews together, after announcing he and Heidi were still a couple – Mike turned up to KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O show solo.

Heidi does have quite the demanding job as a brekkie radio host on the Sunshine Coast, but her lack of appearance seemed a little bit suspicious.

Every time the 44-year-old was quizzed by Kyle Sandilands if he and Heidi were still together, there were some very telling and awkward pauses, along with a few “yes, of course we are”. For an actor – you’d think he’d try a little bit harder!

Then, Kyle and Jackie decided to call Heidi at her gig, live on air – and let’s just say – there was ZERO chemistry or love between the pair – especially when it seemed like Heidi and Mike hadn’t spoken while watching their own finale.

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Story continues after the video

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Mike, solo again, headed over to Fitzy and Wippa on Nova 969 and during their chat, ex-MAFS star Dean Wells called up and straight up asked if Mike was faking.

“When you said ‘I love you’, when you went through those vows, was there a little bit of BS in that?”

“Fear not, fear not, man,” Mike responded. “I was absolutely sincere in the moment…”

Was he though?

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Traditionally, after a couple on ANY reality show profess their love for one another on camera, the pair take to their Instagram accounts to prove that their love is not a lie.

Case in point: Cam and Jules.

The pair – who got engaged on the hit TV show – could not contain their excitement and posted a million loved-up photos of their final vows.

But for Heidi and Mike, it told a very different story.

Heidi posted only two images from the final vows and the only one of the pair together – there was no lovey dovey caption expressing her love for Mike.

Mike on the other hand, posted a billion pics from the episode – but not one of them had anything more than a “@heidislatcham and #MAFS”.

Hmm OK, Mike … you’re still together … right.


Even more telling is Mike’s rumoured new girlfriend.

Woman’s Day revealed that Mike has moved on from his 38-year-old bride and is dating Casey Stewart, 26, the daughter of Gina Stewart, aka the 48-year-old “World’s Hottest Grandmother.”

“Mike and Casey have been spending a lot of time together and she stays at his place on the Gold Coast a lot,” a source revealed.

“They’re planning to go public after the show, once Mike’s commitments finish.”

Casey, who works in construction and is a part-time model, has liked a number of Mike’s photos on Instagram, except the ones featuring Heidi.

However, we’re told Mike is under strict instructions to keep the romance under wraps until the reunion airs.

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Double dates, anyone? Girlfriend Casey on the left and mum Gina on the right both look like MAFS stars! (Images: Channel Nine/Instagram @casey_stewart)


Last but not least, when Mike and Heidi came to visit Now to Love, their body language said it all.

You could fit an entire metre ruler between the pair and their responses were awkward and jilted.



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They’re 100% done-zo.

And now, it’s only a matter of time until either one of them, or both, will admit to it so we can move on with our lives.

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