Married At First Sight

MAFS' Heidi and Mike's final vows were SO unromantic

“Heidi, forgive me...”

By Anita Lyons
On Tuesday night's episode of Married at First Sight, we were faced with an entire episode of Heidi Latcham and Mike Gunner - and if you asked us before we watched it, there were some…feelings.
How could one couple take up an ENTIRE episode? And would that said couple be fighting the entire time? And surely Mike's father Bob would make an appearance - as the sole voice of reason the series has ever known.
We open with Mike's appraisal of their relationship: "Heidi and my story is one of ups and downs," he said and thankyou Captain Obvious - it surrrrre has!
Then describing his relationship further, he used words like "hard" and "destructive" and "difficult", all of which one should never describe a bond with anyone… or anything.
In fact, when talking about Heidi and Mike –expert John Aiken had this to say:
"Heidi and Mike tend to get hung up on any negative experiences as a couple and it has a detrimental impact on their relationship."
Mike described his relationship as: "hard" and "destructive" and "difficult". (Source: Channel 9)
While the road looks, ahem, sunny and clear, Heidi and Mike speak to their respective family and friends who literally are no help at all…
Of course, we were very happy to see Mike's father once more, however, we were itching to get to the pointy end of this episode and with this, the final conclusion of all of the vow ceremonies.
In a romantic grassy location, with chandeliers and… sheets, Heidi and Mike meet after a week apart.
"Once upon a time, there was a time before Mike," Heidi begins and honestly? We miss those days…
Of course, she doesn't want to give up on them. She wants to keep going…
"This time apart has really made me miss you, more and more each day. And I realised that I'm not done with you yet."
Heidi tells Mike she really missed him. (Source: Channel 9)
By not done, she means she has many disclaimers:
"But to make this work, I want you to be more thoughtful, more kind and considerate. I want to feel safe and secure." Oh.
However, heaven to Betsy, she'll give it a red hot go.
"I promise to drop my walls, drop my barriers and appreciate what I have.
"So I'm not finished with you," she says – and these snack references this season…
"There's more to be explored and created together, if you're open to it. So what do you say? Will you come on this adventure with me?"
Well, that was beautiful, Heidi!
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Story continues...
And then it was Mike's turn and while he says nice things at the beginning…
"I wanted to be the best person I could be for you but I struggled to make you happy."You told the experts once that I was inconsiderate, you told me that you didn't trust me and that hurt a lot.
"It was a difficult moment for me. Telling a person you don't trust them is usually the final blow. Very few relationships survive it. I do have a way of asserting myself that doesn't sit well with you."
He revealed that at the last dinner party he was left guessing for their future.
"I have been conflicted with this decision, worried that our relationship has been hard work. It shouldn't be this hard.
"Often it was only radiant glimpses of the Heidi I loved so much. I am concerned that only glimpses are not enough to sustain me…"
And how does this not spell the end???
Que pasa? (Source: Channel 9)
"This has been our journey and it hasn't been an easy one for either of us and yet neither of us were willing to walk away.
"What existed between us was special. What we had was a heart connection so strong that it was able to sustain all that it was subjected to.
"Heidi, forgive me.
"Forgive me for the moments that I nearly lost hope on us. My resolve was tested but my heart is full again. Heidi, you make me a proud husband. You are a strong and determined lady who just wanted to be loved.
"Despite the ups and downs, the fights, the make-ups – it truly has been. I can't walk away. There's a magnetic pull towards you that is so great. I simply need to be with you.
Now I know what this feeling in my heart is. It's love."
"Heidi, I love you."
"Oh my god. Do you really."
Yes, Heidi. He really loves you.
After two whole months, Mike Gunner, the man who has never said those three little words has said he is in love…and what a spectacular way to say it...

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