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The reason behind MAFS’ epic mass contestant walkout at the upcoming commitment ceremony

We can't wait to watch the drama unfold!
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Long before Married At First Sight‘s ninth season had even kicked off, fans were teased with a never-before-seen “mass walkout” at a commitment ceremony.

Finally, the dramatic scandal we’ve been waiting for is about to reach its crescendo – and we’re pretty sure we know what causes the series-first event.

In the teaser for Sunday night’s commitment ceremony, Dion, whose wife Carolina has been secretly dating former contestant Daniel, stormed out declaring he’s “seen enough for one day”.

A shot showing Carolina and Daniel sitting in front of the experts suggests they ask to re-enter the experiment as a new couple.

(Image: Nine)

Domenica, who hasn’t been shy about hiding her dislike of Carolina over the way she treats Dion, then announced that she doesn’t “want to sit here anymore either” before also leaving the room.

“Everything has led to the moment all of Australia has been waiting for,” the voice-over said.

Experts John Aiken, Alessandra Rampolla and Mel Schilling looked bewildered, with John awkwardly saying: “It’s like … um. We’re just as confused as you.”

A split-second shot then showed Carolina and Daniel sitting on the couch in front of the experts, suggesting they ask to re-enter the experiment as a brand new couple.

Domenica declared: “I don’t want to be here anymore” before storming out.

(Image: Nine)

Later, John turned to Alessandra and Mel before announcing: “I don’t know how we handle this. I’m totally astonished.”

A former contestant told the So Dramatic! podcast that Daniel and Carolina’s request to become a new couple causes “screaming” followed by “the most dramatic scene to ever unfold on MAFS“.

Daniel and Carolina have now caught up three times on the show behind the backs of Dion and the rest of the couples.

In paparazzi photos obtained around the time of filming in November 2021, Carolina and Daniel were snapped enjoying a dinner date together at Sydney’s Saga Bar.

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“They were all over each other and couldn’t keep their hands off one another,” a witness told Daily Mail Australia.

“They were kissing for a solid three minutes straight and appeared in a hurry to get back to their apartment.”

And it seems their romance lasts beyond the show, with the couple seen walking hand-in-hand through Sydney Airport on February 26.

According to The Wash, Daniel had been staying with Carolina and her 16-year-old son in Sydney and they were on their way to visit his family in Brisbane.

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