Married At First Sight

A match made in MAFS: All the Married At First Sight couples who have stayed together after filming ended

The success rate may not be high, but it does exist.

By Alex Lilly
There's a reason why Aussies can't get enough of Married At First Sight. There are fights, feuds and every once in a while, a couple that makes you believe in love.
For seven seasons we've watched brides and grooms nervously meet one another at the altar, and though some of them were doomed to fail from the start (we're looking at you Jessika Power and Mick Gould), some just made us swoon.
That said, the MAFS success rate isn't exactly great.
Of the 60 matches made by the experts, only four have managed to go the distance and are still together. One of those couples are even legally married so it goes to show that a reality TV show can change lives.
So who are the lucky four?
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Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr, season two

The low-key couple have gone the distance post-show. (Channel Nine)
MAFS' longest-lasting couple met on the 2016 series and with the exception of a brief break up in 2017, they've been rock solid ever since.
As for the secret to their happy relationship, Erin says it's because they keep their personal lives out of the public eye.
"I'm sure it infuriates a lot of people that they're not kept in the loop because the nature of reality TV is you then go on to flaunt your whole life on social media," Erin explained to fellow MAFS star Bella Frizza on her podcast, The D&M.
"I don't think it's normal. I know personally people who portray their relationship on social media as this fairy tale, who are some of the most miserable people I've ever met, in terms of relationships."
Erin also revealed: "The Bryce I got the day that I met him is the Bryce I have today. He hasn't changed at all. He is exactly who he is, and I'd like to think he feels the same about me."

Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson, season six

Cam and Jules have tied the knot again and welcomed a baby boy. (Channel Nine)
When Cam first laid eyes on his match, the cricketer admitted that she wasn't his physical type.
"I was way too short and Jules was red-haired, curvaceous, tall and I thought 'This is a stitch up here!' But once we met and sort of locked eyes, there was this comfortable warmness that came over and all the judgement went out the window," he explained on The Babble podcast in September.
He added: "We were able to put all that s* aside and see what's actually on the inside and we fell in love that way."
And it certainly worked! The couple were the MAFS 2019 golden couple and at their final vows Cam popped the question to Jules for real.
The pair tied the knot in November 2019 and welcomed their son Oliver Chase in October.

Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli, season six

Martha and Michael have a huge following online. (Channel Nine)
2019 is MAFS' most successful year to date! Cam and Jules may have received most of the attention but Martha and Michael were the quiet achievers.
The attraction was instant and fast forward to now, the couple are living together in Sydney, their fans waiting with baited breath for an engagement or baby announcement.
"I can definitely imagine my future with Michael," Martha told TV WEEK in 2019.
"Our foundations are similar and we have strong family values."

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