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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Married At First Sight’s Mishel pressured her daughter to get a piercing when she wanted one

''I'm guilty!''
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Mishel Meshes isn’t a regular mum, she’s a cool mum.

The Married At First Sight bride became an unofficial hero at the fourth dinner party when she double-fisted her champagne and slammed husband Steve, but off-camera she’s a loving mum-of-two to son Sam, 20 and daughter Eva, 18.

And in an exclusive video, Mishel revealed a parenting anecdote that made us wish she was our mum!

Mishel and her two kids Eva and Sam.

(Image: Instagram @mishel_meshes)

In a game of Never Have I Ever (you can watch the full hilarious video in the player above), Mishel was asked if she’d ever pressured anyone into getting a tattoo or piercing.

“I have pressured my daughter into getting a piercing when I got a piercing,” she confessed before adding, “I’m guilty.”

Seeing as the three of them are so close, Mishel and her kids hang out often, and while some teens and young adults hide their antics from their parents, Mishel’s include her in their naughty behaviour!

“Quite often I’ll go out with my children and their friends but I end up paying for drinks,” Mishel admitted on the show.

“I have pressured my daughter into getting a piercing when I got a piercing.”

(Image: Nine Network)

Mishel was married to her kids’ father for almost 13 years, but the marriage broke down after he cheated on Mishel.

“We’ve been on our own since they were quite young,” the mum-of-two revealed on the show, and Eva echoed this sentiment when she went to visit Mishel and Steve during the family and friends visits.

“Me and mum, we’re very close. It’s been really hard not being able to see her,” Eva said before having a private word with Steve to see if he and Mishel were on the same page.

Mishel and daughter Eva share a special, close bond.

(Image: Instagram @mishel_meshes)

“Mum’s been hurt a lot. We haven’t had a good life – my dad cheated on my mum and it hasn’t been easy for her at all,” she emotionally confessed to her “step-dad.”

“She’s been hurt by so many men and it’s really hard for her to open up to someone new.”

WATCH BELOW: Steve and Mishel blow up over Intimacy Week on MAFS. Post continues after video…

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Mishel shares heaps of snaps of her “amazing family” on Instagram, but 18-year-old Eva is her carbon copy!

Eva was also instrumental in helping her mum pick out her MAFS wedding dress, with the then bride-to-be sharing a sweet snap of the two checking out a rack of gowns.

“This is not going to be easy… just pick a dress for me Evie and I will wear it!” Mishel joked in the captions to which Eva replied, “A very serious job for me 😂”

“Just pick a dress for me Evie and I will wear it!”

(Image: Nine Network)

Seriously, she’s Mishel’s mini-me!

(Image: Instagram @mishel_meshes)

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