Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight's Steve has a son back in the UK and two grandchildren

There's a lot more to him than meets the eye.

By Alex Lilly
We've met Mishel's son and daughter on Married At First Sight but it turns out her on-screen partner Steve is also a parent.
The 52-year-old barber shop owner, who originally hails from Peterborough in the UK, is a dad-of-one but their relationship isn't nearly as close as Mishel and her kids.
MAFS groom Steve has a son back in the UK. (Image: Nine Network)
In his original audition tape (which you can view in the player above) Steve confesses that he was married "many many many years ago" when he still lived in the UK.
"She fell pregnant basically and I did the right thing," he confessed to producers.
Steve's ex-wife gave birth to their son, who is now 33 years-old and lives back in the UK. On top of that, Steve added that he has two grandchildren but seeing as they live on the other end of the world, he doesn't see them too often.
Needless to say, Steve's family were unable to attend his MAFS wedding in Werribee, Victoria.
Steve chatting with Mishel's kids Sam and Eva on their wedding day. (Image: Nine Network)
However Steve's son Tony Burley has now come forward and spoken to Daily Mail Australia, revealing that after Steve and his mum split up in 1991, he "never really saw his dad again" after he moved out of the family home.
"We later found out he moved to Australia and that was it. I have seen him once in 29 years since and he's never met his grandchildren," he told the publication.
Tony was four-years-old when his parents separated and added that when he was six and living with his grandparents, Steve promised to meet up with him and take him for a pub lunch, but never turned up.
"I sat at the window all day waiting. I never spoke to him after that until I was an adult. My mum tried to get in touch with him, but nothing."
Steve invited his friends to lunch on MAFS as his estranged son lives in the UK. (Image: Nine Network)
Steve moved to Australia in 2000 adding that he sold everything he owns (including his lava lamp) with just a suitcase and a business suit to his name.
"I never take it for granted, the fact that I live here because without a shadow of a doubt, it is the best country in the world," he said in his audition tape.
He added this in an exclusive video with Now To Love that he doesn't want to live anywhere else but Down Under.
"I would live in Australia 100 per cent, I love this goddamn country as you know I'm from the UK," he told us.
Watch Steve's Two Minute Speed Date in full in the player below. Post continues after video...
Meanwhile Mishel frequently talks about her "amazing family" that consists of her son Sam, 20, and daughter Eva, 18.
Mishel was married to her kids' dad for almost 13 years but the marriage broke down after he cheated on Mishel.
"We've been on our own since they were quite young," she revealed on the show, so naturally they're very close.
"Quite often I'll go out with my children and their friends but I end up paying for drinks," the mum-of-two admitted on the show.
Steve's bride Mishel has two kids- Sam and Eva. (Image: Instagram @mishel_meshes)

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