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EXCLUSIVE: Booze, bust-ups and betrayal! Married At First Sight’s boys’ night chaos exposed

It descended into turmoil when the warring grooms came face to face.
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While the girls’ night was rocked by bitter words and an endless supply of potent cocktails, on the other side of town, the boys’ night was also heading for disaster.

Talking exclusively to Woman’s Day, a source says the grooms completely unravelled after former contestants resurfaced one by one, bringing simmering tensions to the boil – particularly between Ivan Sarakula and Michael Goonan.

Ever since Michael, 28, accused Aleks Markovic, 26, of cheating on Ivan, 30 – which Aleks denied – the once-friendly grooms have been fighting over the truth of the allegations, with Ivan claiming his bride was faithful and they’re still together.

“Michael didn’t hold back and they went head to head in a full-blown yelling match over Aleks,” the source says.

Ivan (pictured) is standing by Aleks despite Michael’s attempt to drive a wedge between them.

(Image: Channel Nine)

Michael didn’t hold back during boys’ night.

(Image: Channel Nine)

In one instance, tensions became so volatile that the men were forced to “take things outside” and producers had to closely monitor the pair.

“Both men were being really aggressive and it definitely could’ve gotten out of hand, but producers finally stepped in to diffuse the situation.”

Most shocking of all though, rumours were flying that Michael was being coerced by producers into stirring up trouble.

“They were constantly in his ear all night. When things slowed down, they went straight over to him and whispered to him and sure enough, things kicked off again,” the source reveals.

“They made sure it wasn’t a friendly night.”

WATCH: Married At First Sight’s Steve screams at Michael during explosive dinner party. Story continues below…

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Secret deal exposed

As Michael and Ivan puffed up their chests, some grooms cowered in the corner believing they’d escaped the wrath of the outspoken millionaire.

But, Michael didn’t allow British star Steve Burley off the hook so easily.

“Michael went absolutely hell for leather on Steve,” the source says. “He tore strips off him for not having sex with wife Mishel [Karen] and for leading her on throughout the experience.”

Dumbfounded, Steve, 51, didn’t have an argument, but defended himself by saying he and Mishel, 48, had an agreement – but the grooms weren’t buying it.

Steve says he and Mishel share the same views on intimacy.

(Image: Channel Nine)

“10-second Mikey” fears for his reputation

While Mikey Pembroke’s surprise entrance was met with applause from the remaining grooms, it was all at his expense.

“He came in defending himself, trying to make light of it as a joke and that he wasn’t bothered by it,” the source says, referring to Natasha Spencer’s comments that Mikey, 29, only “lasted” a short time in the bedroom.

“But the boys could all tell he was really embarrassed. He honestly believes his reputation with the ladies is done.”

Mikey’s embarrassed about his bedroom performance.

(Image: Channel Nine)

Drunk David’s tantrum

Lured back in with the promise of a free bar all evening, David Cannon hit the roof when he was cut off by production for getting too boozy.

“David came in with a really bitter taste in his mouth so when he was cut off, he just stormed off set. But even though they chased after him, he refused to return.”

David cracked it when was cut off booze.

(Image: Channel Nine)

And David, 31, wasn’t the only one on rations – an insider says bartenders were watering down the boys’ drinks!

“Producers were worried a fight might start between the more brawny men, so they told staff to ensure they weren’t too pickled by adding water to some of the booze!”

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