Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Are MAFS golden couple Aleks and Ivan faking their relationship?

Trouble in paradise?

By NW team
Another couple appears to have bitten the dust!
Uh-huh, while Aleks Markovic and Ivan Sarakula perceive themselves as being one of the strongest couples in the experiment- NW hears that the golden pair are heading for a shock split! Uh-oh!
"They are far from the happy couple they're pretending to be," a source reveals.
"They're just pretending they're still together and faking it for the fame and Instagram likes!"
That's not all – while it looks as though Aleks wears the pants in the relationship and seems less interested in Ivan than he is of her – it couldn't be further than the truth claims our spy!
"We were all out at dinner and Aleks was saying to random girls who were chatting to Ivan, 'Hi I'm Ivan's wife Aleks and you guys need to leave!' Ivan is getting a bit sick of her controlling behaviour and thinks she's too full on. She can be really embarrassing and is making him uncomfortable when they go out," tells a source.
"He's going to break up with her soon, he just doesn't know how to do it."
Aleks and Ivan have quickly become the show's golden couple. Image: Channel Nine
Meanwhile, cracks in the pair's relationship began to show early on in the season when they moved in together with Alek's revealing that the whole experience was "challenging."
As for her hubby Ivan, well he labelled her "lazy."
"I don't think these two will last much longer than a couple more months," a close pal spills.
"They have both admitted that they want to boost their public profiles and start gaining endorsement deals, they're honestly doing whatever they can to be successful and if that means staying together for the camera's then they'll do it."
Is there trouble in paradise? Image: Channel Nine

Cathy freaks out! Too much, too soon!

Has Cathy been scared off by Josh's mother-in-law? Image: Channel Nine
While everything started off swimmingly for Cathy Evans and Josh Philak, it seems to have all unravelled for the pair after multiple tiffs, tears and one scary mother-in-law.
But NW hears the real reason Josh, 28, and Cathy, 26 may be heading for splitsville is because they disagree when it comes to baby talk!
Yep, our source says, "Cathy is feeling pressure from Josh to have a child but she's not ready!" Eek!
"Josh wants her to fall pregnant this year but Cathy isn't ready for such a big responsibility yet and it's stressing her out!
WATCH BELOW: Aleks plays NW's Never Have I Ever game. Story continues after video.
Indeed, it's no surprise that Josh is ready to be a father after admitting he wanted to be a dad since he was 13.
"I'm ready to settle down with The One and start a family," he previously revealed.
Hope you two work it out!

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