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Jaw-dropping MAFS sex secrets revealed

You’ll need a cold shower after reading these confessions!
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The Married At First Sight brides this season certainly aren’t shy about their sexy pasts.

Here, three ladies spill all their NSFW secrets to NW exclusively …

Is Amanda MAFS’ friskiest bride ever?

Amanda certainly isn’t shy about getting down in public places!

(Image: Instagram)

Who needs a bed when you have a church… and a park… and a nightclub?!

Yep, Amanda Micallef has a habit of getting her rocks off in very public places.

“I used to shag my ex in a church carpark,” she proudly tells us.

“Once we shagged in an alleyway – two gay mates were shagging on the ground while we were in a car. Nightclub toilets are standard. We also did it on the beach with the blanket over us while a Lebanese family was 20 metres away smoking shisha.”

“Another time was in a park in front of a family. This is all the same girl by the way. I was 19 or 20. She was f**king crazy, but it was the best sex ever.”

Amanda loves to show off her killer body on social media.

(Image: Instagram)

Tash: “I have a coffin fantasy!”

Tash and her new girlfriend Madison have gone public with their romance.

(Image: Instagram)

Will Madison be the one to make Tash’s fantasies come true?

(Image: Instagram)

Not to be outdone by her “ex-wife”, Tash Herz claims she also has a very kinky side.

The sexy vegan – who’s since found love with Madison Hewitt – says the weirdest place she’s ever had sex was “tied up to a tree in a forest”. We hope you didn’t get splinters, babe! “I would love to try a coffin, though, or in a sensory deprivation tank,” Tash adds.

“I’ve also always wanted to delve into shibari [Japanese rope bondage].”

WATCH BELOW: Tash plays Never Have I Ever. Story continues after video.

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Natasha’s grape fetish

Natasha Spencer and Mikey Pembroke seemed to be doing great until she joked he only lasted 10 seconds in the sack.

But perhaps the pair would have gone the distance if they’d introduced fruit into the equation?

“My sexual fantasy would be someone feeding me grapes,” Natasha reveals.

Just call her Cleopatra!

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