Married At First Sight

Meet MAFS star Tash Herz's new girlfriend Madison Hewitt, as the pair make their relationship Instagram official

''This is the start of our chapter now.''

By Rebecca Sullivan
Well, it's happened guys.
MAFS' debut lesbian couple, Tash and Amanda, have officially called it quits, which means Tash and her brand new girlfriend are free to flaunt their brand new relationship publicly, without any constraints from Channel Nine.
Tash's new lover Madison Hewitt made their romance Instagram official on Monday morning, uploading a series of racy selfies to social media, alongside a heartfelt dedication to her lady.
"I could not be prouder watching you stay true to yourself over the last few weeks," Madison wrote.
"This is the start of our chapter now and I am so ready for our life together. @tashherz 🌹".
Look away now Amanda! Image: Instagram/@pretzel_
The loved-up duo played up their romance for the cameras. Image: Instagram/@pretzel_
Tash also took to her own Instagram account to reflect on her "challenging" MAFS experience and to explain why she and Amanda didn't go the distance.
"Participating the #MAFS experiment was a really challenging experience for me," Tash wrote.
"I can say with total pride that I was 100% true to myself, my strong morals and values for the entire duration of the journey, even when it meant drowning out the expectations of others and having to hurt feelings by being honest about my own.
"Sadly, Amanda and I were a very incompatible match but that's no fault of hers, nor mine as we are who we are as people and our dynamics were obviously not harmonious or able to bring each other peace.
"Love for me is about feeling like you've come home. And no one should ever have to settle for any less than that. To all you gorgeous humans that have sent me an overwhelming amount of support, I am BLOWN away. Thank you for seeing me. GOOD LUCK TO THE BABES LEFT! It's one hell of a wild ride. 👼🏻⚡️😈♥️"
Tash and Amanda butted heads from the beginning. Image: Channel Nine
Madison and Tash have been photographed kissing on the beach and holding hands in public. Image: Instagram
Madison certainly isn't afraid of a cheekie selfie! Image: Instagram
Although this is the first official confirmation that Tash and Madison are dating, the pair have been flaunting their new romance publicly since the beginning of MAFS.
Last week, Tash left fans in shock after a clip emerged of attending an event with Madison in Melbourne, with the pair holding hands and looking very coupled-up as they entered the venue.
The 31-year-old bartender, was also snapped kissing the former shoe sales assistant (Madison's Instagram account reveals she has been an employee both at shoe store Platypus and Adidas) in the ocean on the Gold Coast and are believed to have spent Valentine's Day together.
These unearthed photos of Madison reveal she used to work in retail. Image: Instagram
The former Adidas employee is a huge sneaker fan. Image: Instagram
She's pictured here at her old workplace, Platypus Shoes. Image: Instagram
Meanwhile, Tash's former MAFS partner Amanda has blasted her ex-bride in a new interview, even accusing Tash and Madison of hooking up the entire time the show was being filmed!
"I'm pretty certain Tash was seeing someone throughout the experiment," Amanda, 34, told NW.
"Tash applied for the show at the same time that she was in a serious relationship. And she applied for MAFS with the girl that she is now seeing."
WATCH BELOW: Amanda does Now To Love's Two Minute Speed Date. Story continues after video
Madison's headshot was among the candidates the experts were sifting through when matching Amanda and Tash together.
"They have been in an on-off relationship for six years," claims Amanda.
"I legitimately think she was seeing that girl. I feel like she was only in it for fame."
An insider added that Tash seemed to be "completely checked out" from the start.
"She was always on her phone and sneaking off to places during filming."
Here's hoping now everything is out in the open, this love triangle will now be put to bed.

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