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MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Amanda says “Tash had a girlfriend the whole time” during filming!

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Tash Herz pretty much confirmed her marriage to Amanda Micallef didn’t last when she debuted new girlfriend Madison Hewitt just days after MAFS premiered.

Now, hot on the heels of the couple exiting the experiment, Amanda has claimed her “ex-wife” was hooking up with Madison, 31, the whole time they were together.

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“I’m pretty certain Tash was seeing someone throughout the experiment,” Amanda, 34, tells NW exclusively.

“Tash applied for the show at the same time that she was in a serious relationship. And she applied for MAFS with the girl that she is now seeing.”

Tash says she has loads of MAFS viewers sliding into her DMs!

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Indeed, it’s already been revealed Madison’s headshot was among the candidates the experts were sifting through when matching Amanda and Tash, 31.

“They have been in an on-off relationship for six years,” claims Amanda.

“I legitimately think she was seeing that girl. I feel like she was only in it for fame.”

An insider adds that Tash seemed to be “completely checked out” from the start.

“She was always on her phone and sneaking off to places during filming.”

So what else does Amanda have to get off her chest? In a nutshell – a lot!

Things have been heated between Amanda and Tash on the show.

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And Amanda is not happy about Tash moving on so quickly.

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Hey, Amanda. So let’s start with Tash’s claims that you were a bully…

I am definitely not a bully. I’d call her out on stuff that I saw, but I never bullied her. She’s painting me out to be something that I’m not.

Do you feel the other brides were #TeamTash as a result?

Potentially. I could never understand why I had so much resistance from the other females. Not all of them – but Poppy, Hayley, Natasha and, of course, Tash!

What sort of things would they be doing?

They called themselves the “Girl Gang”. Hayley and Natasha ganged up on me in the commitment ceremony. In the real world,

I would never allow that to happen. It was me against the Girl Gang, and Tash was feeding them lies and playing the victim.

Sounds very high school…

I do know that Tash doesn’t have a lot of friends. Her whole wedding was a small table of family and the rest were work colleagues. She changes her friends wherever she works because she burns so many bridges. She’s a classic narcissist.

Meet Amanda’s new girlfriend, Madison Hewitt

(Image: Instagram)

Maddison and Tash have been papped making out and enjoying each other’s company, since the show started airing.

(Image: Instagram)

Did the Girl Gang make the dinner parties quite hard to sit through?

I felt very uncomfortable at them because I couldn’t trust Tash and never felt supported by her. I didn’t feel like speaking up half the time because I didn’t feel like she’d back me up. The whole experience was awful. We weren’t intimate at all. We didn’t even hold hands. To be honest, we weren’t even friends!

Did you feel like anyone was on your side? What about the other girls?

Mishel and Connie were sitting on the fence. Cathy was more on my side because I think she is down to earth. She’s not stupid and not easily led by people. She could see through her bulls**t. I don’t know what version the other girls heard, but I felt like they weren’t getting the full story.

So obviously things didn’t work out with you and Tash. Are you dating anyone at the moment?

I’m not, but my DMs are blowing up! I’m even getting people from overseas contacting me. I’ve got selfies, numbers and addresses. One man sent me his caravan park address! Lots of beautiful women too. I’m just getting hit on left, right and centre. I love it – it’s great.

Have fans sent anything X-rated?

I got sent a boob pic the other day!

WATCH BELOW: Tash introduces her new girlfriend in new video. Story continues after video.

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Clearly you had an awful time on MAFS. Has that put you off doing any more reality TV? Or is there another show you’d love to go on?

Dancing With The Stars, because I think I’ve got some seriously good moves.

Also Survivor. My family say I’d be pretty good on it.

As long as it’s a bit of fun, a bit of mischief, I don’t care. Put me in anything!

What about MAFS round two?

I’d really have to reconsider that one. I just thought we were such a poor match on so many levels that I would be scared to go through that again.

It was such a deflating, isolating experience that I’d need to sit with the producers and make sure I was matched properly.

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