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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Watch MAFS bride Amanda’s subtle swipe at Tash that was the first sign of a bitter break up

It was never going to be happy ending for these two.
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As Married At First Sight‘s first same-sex couple since marriage equality was legalised in Australia, we all had high hopes for Amanda and Tash’s reality TV romance.

But things have been going from bad to worse between the couple, ever since the honeymoon with Amanda and Tash fighting about everything from attraction to vegan burgers.

Amanda and Tash have been on the rocks since their honeymoon.

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But in an exclusive video interview with Now To Love, Amanda dropped a hint that her romance with Tash is all over red rover.

When asked what talent she wishes she had, without missing a beat Amanda says: “The ability to read a woman’s mind.”

Considering she and Tash have have had some major communication issues during their time on the show, with expert John Aiken himself remarking how their fight styles differ, Amanda’s comment certainly matches up.

Watch the full Two Minute Speed Date in the player below- skip to 1.00 for the shady comment. Post continues after video…

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As one of the most tumultuous couples on the show, Amanda and Tash have all but confirmed their break up on social media.

In fact, Tash even brought her new girlfriend Madison Hewitt to an event with her, and it didn’t take long for Amanda to weigh in on their new relationship.

Amanda’s comments, which have since been deleted, called Tash and Madison “a pack of fake plastic try hard moles” and even called her on-screen wife “a disgusting person on many levels.”

Amanda would love the ability to read a woman’s mind.

(Image: Nine Network)

When Madison, whose Instagram handle is @pretzel_, remarked that she would “be bitter too” if she was rejected on national television, Amanda hit back saying, “Far from bitter…. I don’t date vague boring fake brunettes. Good luck salty. I mean Pretzel. Clearly you’re fit to bend like one too. See you both in Melb.”

In another now deleted Instagram clue, Amanda wrote, “Who you are and how you hold yourself through the bad times is what defines your character.”

“Anyone can have an entourage of false followers to help mask your s–tty personality, but who you are alone says it all,” she added.

Things have certainly changed since their wedding day.

(Image: Nine Network)

Following the second explosive dinner party, when Amanda and Tash not only arrived separately, but barely talked to one another, Tash shared a telling post on social media that could only be directed at Amanda.

“A powerful thing to remind yourself of, is people resort to negative behaviour usually when they feel a lack of control,” she captioned a selfie of herself in a Skye Suites bathrobe, the location where the MAFS couples stay during the show.

“Just because I understand this behaviour doesn’t mean I need to allow it in my orbit and nor should ANYONE. If people are incapable of taking responsibility for their actions then hold yourself accountable for yours with grace and dignity.”

“People resort to negative behaviour usually when they feel a lack of control.”

(Image: Instagram @tashherz)

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